2012-09-12 16:02:10

What an awesome shoot with Tracy & Nick!! I’m no stranger to Chicago right now, I’m almost there more than I’m in my own hometown…but we are getting along just fine b/c I’ve had soo many great shoots and weddings there! Well, to be truthful, for this one, maybe Chitown and I weren’t the BEST of friends b/c we basically did this shoot in the RAIN! Tracy & Nick were such troopers and did SOO awesome, despite the fact that they were pretty much getting rained on for 90% of our shoot!! After reschedules from previous bad weather and travel schedules with us both trying to get to Chicago and a fast approaching wedding (NEXT WEEKEND!), we were running out of time to get this shoot done…so trying for another day wasn’t an option and we just had to embrace the rain and keep shooting! And wow, I’ve honestly never had two people just keep smiling, laughing and enjoying their time while being photographed in the pouring rain!! Luckily, the skies didn’t FULLY open up until RIGHT at the end and it started pouring soo hard that we couldn’t keep going! Luckily for Nick, it was lunchtime anyway 😉 😉 and we already had gotten an incredible shoot in…so I was more than happy that torrential rain held off! Tracy & Nick…you two rocked this shoot, I was SOO impressed with you and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you just enduring through the weather and having a blast regardless!! Can’t wait for your uber fab wedding next weekend! YAY!! 🙂


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