2007-03-13 02:03:13

Hi, everyone! No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth, I’ve just been super duper busy and trying to get alot of work done before I start back into weddings full time! I’ve also been shooting lots of portraits and a wee bit sick…still trying to get over that!!! So, I’m very sorry…didn’t mean to bore you with the total lack of blog activity!

Anyway….we have a FUN new product to announce here at JRS! The JRS Modern Guestbook!! The book is a 7×10 beautiful fine art leather album and is created from your engagement images! The images come together with blank space for signing, to create the perfect album to hold and showcase your engagement images and have all of your guests sign and write special notes in!

For pricing and order info, simply EMAIL ME

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  1. Jessica, is it photographic paper? if so, what kind of pens are you using so they don’t smudge?


  2. Love them! That’s a great way to display engagement photos! With this you can leave it out on the coffee table instead of the “wedding box” (where may guest book is). It’s a good thing!

  3. Galina…

    I purchased whatever pen leather craftsmen recommended! Can’t remember exactly at the moment, but I just asked them!


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