2007-02-22 15:35:34

After a set of unfortunate events with the customer service department of my old album company, I’ve made the decision to switch to a new, wonderful album company! You will notice that the album style is nearly identical to the old style, which was done to keep consistent with the style of albums that my clients are expecting, but these new albums are even cooler, have more cover material choices and their customer service is GREAT…so it’s a WIN WIN for all and we’re excited!! So, here are the new album samples! Hope you like them!!

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  1. Gorgeous! Would you mind sharing the company name for a fellow photographer…across the country?

  2. Those are awesome! I can’t wait to be able to present a client with an album like that someday. I bet it feels so great to see your work compiled in such a beautiful way. I know it is old hat to you by now but you probably still remember the feelings you had when you held your first album in your hands. I’m looking forward to that moment.

  3. YAY JESS! So happy for you! That’s great that you got rid of the stupid “art leather” company… they were making way to many mistakes! YOU GO!

    I am sure you will be SOOOO much happier with the new company.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA!!!!! You have been such an amazing inspiration to me over the last 6 months since I found you and your incredible talent. May every good thing come to you this next year. Enjoy your special day!!!

  5. Jessica – You were right…I love the apricot! They look great. We are really happy we switched too. Sent out 15 albums this week. Whew!

  6. Would love to know the name of that album company. I am looking for someone new as well and I love the look of those.

  7. hi Jessica!

    I absolutely love your site & blog — you are one incredibly talented & amazing photographer!!! 🙂

    I am also in the midst of changing album companies after having the worst customer service with my other album company. Would you mind sharing the new company you are using? Those albums look very much like the albums I currently offer but with more color choices & better customer service!! — how can you beat that?! I would SO greatly appreciate it!

    Happy belated bday, too! How fun… birthdays are the best! I hope it was a great one.

    my best always,

  8. Hi everyone! THANKS soo much for all the kind words!! The albums are Leather Craftsmen 3500 series albums!! 🙂

    Jess 🙂

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Beautiful work! (as always). I don’t see a dividing line or “gutter” between pages on these. The ones on the LC website have it. Are these a new style of 3500 series?
    I really enjoy looking at your work. It is so refreshing!

  10. Very cool! Der, that company gives the option for a ‘fold’ page with no split or a split page. I’m guessing she used the fold to get that without a split. Love your work Jess!

  11. Hey guys! These books actually do have a gutter but it’s very thin!! Rob, you are right, they do have the “fold or split” option for the 3500 series book but I have been advised to go with the split instead of the fold….so these actually are ‘split’ pages. I guess the fold can discolor over time and I was told that the split wasn’t wide enough to really make a huge difference…and that is true! 🙂

  12. Jess, too funny. That’s exactly what they told me on the phone. I have yet to order one since I am waiting to see them in Vegas in 10 days to see the difference!!!

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