2006-10-09 13:08:46

What a fun shoot I had with Sarah & Dustin! They are such a gorgeous couple….not to mention super sweet & kind! 🙂 I have really been looking forward to working with them…and am even more excited about their wedding this Christmas! I shot Sarah’s sister, Betsy’s wedding two years ago and have just completely adored the two girls and their family, ever since! They are just the most kind, sincere people and I enjoy them soo much! Betsy and I have become great friends and now Sarah & I have as well…so doing this shoot was super fun! Sarah is obviously beautiful and has the most piercing eyes…and Dustin is pretty darn cute himself! 🙂 It was great…hope you enjoy the images!! 🙂

9 responses to “sarah.&.dustin”

  1. Love it, love it, love it!! Jess, you are amazing! Can’t wait for December!

  2. Wow, you wern’t kidding about those eyes! Great gallery Jessica. Do you do anything specifically to enhance the eyes in your shots or is it just your “secret sauce” that makes them so dramitic? Seems like they always have such an amazing sparkle that is too good to be true.

  3. Gorgeous! Her eyes are stunning…you almost forget he’s even there, lol. They look very happy together. I love the one with the two of them standing to the right looking off toward the left, with the flowers behind them…such a serenely happy feeling.

    I love how vivid all your images are.

    Great work!

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