2006-09-18 10:18:04

What a fun engagement shoot I had with Tim & Kelly! They are such a sweet, wonderful couple…not to mention gorgeous!! Check out their eyes….you know how I love beautiful eyes!!! We had such a great time together..laughed a ton and just had a blast! I also love a cute couple in jeans….b/c jeans are personally one of my most favorite things in life…and they show up soo great and bright in picutres too…which is an added bonus! I also discovered that Kelly & I have a mutual adoration for CITIZENS jeans (citizens of humanity that is) They are seriously amazing and if you have never tried on a pair…do your self a favor and go try them on! (a little expensive but WORTH every single penny!!) Well, now that I have rambled on about jeans for ever…how about seeing some pictures, aeh??? Hope you enjoy……

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  1. Wow, Jessica! I love those shots under that arbor or pergola thingy…whatever it’s called. I love the the pop of the green of the plants and the blue of the jeans against the white. I don’t really remember you using that location that much so that is also why it caught my attention. I hope you are going to shoot some of their wedding photos there too.

  2. I just love that love sign! I have noticed it in several of your weddings as well. How fun to have “love” for a background in your photos!!!

  3. BEST ENGAGEMENT SESSION YET! You know that I only give my honest opinion when I comment and these are really really really great!!! Kelly is beautiful and the angles and composition are AWESOME! Nice work Jess! Love them!!!

  4. Great pics. Both should be professional models. Tim is extremly handsome and you did a spectacular job with their blue eyes. Great job Jess.

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