2011-10-21 13:40:44

I had the best time spending a perfect fall evening with Taryn & Austin! When Taryn called me and told me that she had an idea to incorporate a vintage car that was in their family, into the shoot….I said YES PLEASE! We already had a great plan of shooting in the evening, at a great barn…so to add a great vintage car was such a bonus! Special thanks to Jerry for being soo great and driving your beautiful vintage, restored Ford up from the south side!! It was a treat getting to see this car because my own Dad (a hot rod/vintage car buff) has talked about and loved this exact Ford (well, ’33 he says…and this is a ’28..or was it ’29, Jerry?) my whole life and talked about restoring one! Jerry, you did a tremendous job restoring that gorgeous car and I really appreciate you letting us incorporate it into our shoot! Now to the lovely Taryn & Austin! Just one look at them and you will see why I was smitten! They are both beautiful people…and when I got to know them and saw their love for one another….I grew to like them even more!! We had such a great, relaxed shoot…just talking, laughing and enjoying our time! Thanks soo much Jerry, Taryn & Austin for all that you did to make this shoot soo great and soo fun!! 🙂 Can’t wait for the wedding!!

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  1. Thanks again, Jessica! I absolutely LOVE them all! I’m so excited to see the entire shoot and also to see what you have in store for our wedding. You transformed my vision into a reality. Thank you, again! You are awesome. 🙂

  2. I might be a little biased… But I think the engagements shots are fabulous! The fact that it’s my daughter and soon to be son-in-law, well what can I say? They really are beautiful. (I meant the photos, as well as the people.) Jessica, you are really going to make their job hard…. It’s not going to be easy to pick their favorite! Thank you for giving us such beautiful memories.

  3. Taryn and Austin!! These Pictures are HOTTTT!!!! Great job to the photographer also.

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