A PORTRAIT UPDATE and fun NEWS!! | better late than never...right?! ;)

2013-05-09 11:29:46

I greeted a lovely couple at a photo shoot the other day and the look on their faces when they saw my rather large baby bump and proceeded to ask “are you THE Jessica Strickland??” made me realize that I had overlooked a lil something! 😉 ooops! I HAVE NEWS TO SHARE on the BLOG (and not just facebook)….a little late! 😉 YES, I am 6 months pregnant with BABY STRICKLAND VERSION 2.0! And it’s a GIRL!! And she’s due in AUGUST! (she figured it would be cool to just show up RIGHT in the middle of the busiest time of year! she likes to make a grand entrance apparently…hopefully not TOO grand! ha!) We are beyond blessed and grateful….and very excited to become a family of FOUR!!! Sophie already has lots of plans for life with her “sissy” and all of the many ways she is going to help and care for her! Life is going to get even more fun and we can’t wait! (well, maybe we can wait a little…)

Along with that news, came some very hard decision making that I was forced to do! I found out that we were expecting after my year for 2013 was already FULL with weddings, so with a baby due smack in the middle of all of that fun, I knew that I couldn’t work full time with weddings, have a newborn and 3 year old AND do portraits/newborns/commercial work full time, as I usually do. SO, it is with such sadness that I had to stop doing portraits, newborns and commercial work and become a dedicated wedding photographer. My portrait clients are all very long running clients who I have a close relationship with and I simply adore them! I felt truly honored to get to enjoy time with their families every year and watch them grown…and have them choose to work with me year after year! So it was a VERY hard, tear filled decision that did NOT come easily, but after looking at an already full schedule without portraits and not wanting my new baby girl, Sophie and Mark to be the ones to suffer, it was a decision that I knew I simply didn’t have a choice on. I have a few lingering shoots that were already scheduled before the decision was made, so those will be blogged and then portraits will come to an end. As always, I’m blessed beyond words with my business and to all of my beloved portrait clients….I can’t thank you enough for years of devotion from you, it means soo much to me, as do your precious families….and I will dearly miss seeing each and every one of you! 🙁 (teary again! ugh!)

Meet our beautiful new little girl (aka gymnast in the first image!)… 🙂


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  1. Hey girl, another huge congrats to you, Mark and Sophie!! I’m excited to see how adorable your little gymnast will be! Please know you are always in my thoughts/prayers and if you need any help this summer – photo/office/otherwise – You got my number 😉

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