2007-04-14 23:15:30

SERIOUSLY??? i’m thinking that we should check the calendar because this is crazy for the middle of April….

And to make matters even better…it snowed ALL day and is supposed to snow tomorrow….

Remember that Happy Spring bit I did a few posts back??? Yea…I take it back now! 😉

3 responses to “APRIL??”

  1. How depressing is this weather! At least it’s sunny today. About 4 weeks until the wedding, I sincerely hope it doesn’t snow. I never thought I would have to worry about snowy weather in May!

  2. No doubt girlie!!! This has truly been insane! Yesterday and today have been great though… I hope it stays this way!!!

    Kuddos to you on our blog for your WPPI member of the month!!! You so deserve that!!!

  3. This weather is very depressing, and very bitter. These photos are probably showing the snowy remainders of the storm that blew me off the road in Wisconsin on Wednesday. Yes the car was trashed to the tune of $7,000 – luckily I wasn’t. 😡

    Milwaukee did have Jim Cantori in town for two days. LOL

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