2007-04-14 21:15:57

I recently found this COOL NEW PRODUCT and I think it’s worth sharing!! It’s called WONDERFUL GRAFFITI and they do custom designs made into vinyl clinger things that are stickable, removable and movable! I recently saw a wedding where they made a cool “graffiti” logo with their names in a very modern font and affixed them to various mirrors/walls in the reception venue. It sounds a little cheesy but it was actually very cool! They can also be cool for your home…or office…or anywhere!! Here are a few examples! The wedding stuff is at the bottom!!

2 responses to “*ATTN BRIDES*”

  1. whoa, i think this idea is sweet. you’re right jessica, the fonts are super modern and cool……i think that’s what makes me like it so much. i want to put these all over my house now! hahah.

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