2008-07-11 09:30:54

Dear wonderful and faithful portrait clients,

Sadly, I am totally and completely FULL for portraits and engagements and shoots of all kinds until MID NOVEMBER!! The portrait/engagement/commercial season for summer AND fall has filled VERY quickly and so as much as I hate to say it, I do not have ONE opening until November 25th!! The fact of that matter is that I am just a ONE woman SHOW….and I have taken on every single possible project that I CAN TAKE and I’m working like a crazy person trying to KEEP UP and be still trying to be everything I can be to all of my wonderful clients!! If I had the choice, I would take on EVERY single inquiry that I get because I LOVE SHOOTING and I am HONORED that people want me to shoot them! 😉 hehe! Sadly, I cannot, though..because I need to sleep and I haven’t figured out how to divide myself into 5 people…although I’m trying!

Please know that I am deeply and incredibly grateful for your business and faithfulness!!!

3 responses to “ATTN PORTRAIT CLIENTS!”

  1. Oh Jess!!!!! This is horrible!!! J/K. It’s too bad we were unable to reschedule for the family shoot sooner! My grandfather is in ICU and I would have loved for you to have captured his “healthy” state. Hopefully he can recover…..good for you for being so busy!! It just shows how talented you are!


  2. I guess I waited too long to schedule Ella’s 1 year pictures. 🙁 I am happy for you that you are so popular and busy though! If anything opens up in September or October, let me know, I would love to introduce you to our little girl. Take care, Lyndsy

  3. Boo! I mean really, boo! Seriously, I was just thinking this morning that I need to get new family portraits done, since it’s been about 3 years! But of course you’re booked, because you’re simply amazing! I was just looking at the Smiley family and the Bostics. Not only do you take beautiful pictures, you also have BEAUTIFUL clients!!

    OK, let’s get on your calendar for October 2009! 🙂

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