2008-07-10 08:59:43

I was honored to have been chosen as the photographer to capture the grand opening of a terrific new hotel, the Renaissance! It’s such a fabulous hotel that is a refreshing combination of modern decor, contemporary elegance, fun rooms and a unique, fresh atmosphere! I really love it and think it’s a great, welcome addition to the north side of Indy! They are also emerging into the wedding market and are well ready for it! Their ballroom is like no other with modern, unique fixtures and their food, presentation and complete approach to catering is just a feast for the senses, as you will see! I am anxiously awaiting my first opportunity to shoot a wedding there! Enjoy….

The hotel:

The rooms:

The ballroom and the opening event:

15 responses to “GRAND OPENING”

  1. WOW this place looks awesome! I love the lobby…so chic and funky. And I love the way the dessert bar was set up. You did a great job capturing the fun atmosphere.

    I found out that we have a mutual friend…I went to high school with Cammi Comer, who is dating Keith from your church. She mentioned you the other day! I really admire your work.

  2. We’re shooting a wedding there this weekend! How funny! It’s great to see some photos so we know what to expect. The place looks like a lot of fun! Not at all what I expected from the name. 🙂

  3. Congrats, Jess – looks spectacular! Haven’t been inside yet, but have I two events there over the next few weekends. Now I can’t wait!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures from this hotel. So Fun! WTG on being in first on the A-list thus far! I’m sure you will keep your position.
    Have a great day:)

  5. WOW….This is what Hospitality is all about, I can’t wait to see this hotel in person. Way to go.

    Bill B

  6. Paul, thanks for sharing this wonderful day and the incredible experience with us. The hotel is simply spectacular and we’ll be sure to visit should we find ourselves in the lovely Carmel area. We are very happy for you and this wonderful opportunity for you and your family. Simply stunning and fantastic photographs as well – they are brilliant.

  7. I love these images – it’s such a great property and you’ve, as always, captured it well! You’ve got such a great eye!

  8. Wow, this is wonderful! Great pictures. I will most definitely have to visit it now!

  9. What a beautiful hotel, with a grand ballroom and savvy looking food.. can’t wait to visit~

  10. WOW! These pictures are AMAZING and you’ve captured such awesome color! How did you get the colors to be so vibrant?? I’m speechless…this post makes me smile! (and hungry!) GREAT JOB!!!

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