2008-01-04 11:06:38

While working on catching up this morning…I started thinking about 2007…and couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed and then another need to share it with you! 2007 was soo tremendous in soo many ways!! I was genuinely blessed beyond understanding and I’m soo deeply grateful! I have had the most wonderful, warm, kind clients with the most incredible weddings to be a part of, families to work with and children’s lives to share in!! And that is just on the photography side of things! THANK YOU, wonderful clients of mine, for your business and for your belief in me. When starting this adventure nearly 8 years ago, I questioned if my style, which was definitely cutting edge at that time, would be accepted and welcomed! The general style of photography in the market was a a lot more traditional, then….even though that really wasn’t long ago! That was also the time when FILM was still almost the standard, if that says anything…and ALL of my work was shot on medium format film!! EEK!!! So, this newer…ultra bright, rich and vibrant style…was something that people weren’t really used to seeing! I feared that while I knew this style was in my being and couldn’t really be changed, that it might not be as accepted as a traditional style would be. I can honestly tell you, though…that within my first year and over 60 weddings in one year, I learned that if you put your heart and soul into something, regardless of fear, people will welcome you with open arms and embrace you! Now that I have had over 8 years and hundreds of weddings under my belt, I am leaps and bounds above where I expected to be in this little business of mine…and it is 100% because of the incredible clients that I have been completed blessed with!! Now, in a world where my style of photography is nothing even slightly new, my clients are still as devoted and faithful as ever…and I cannot thank them enough for that!!! I attempted to put together a “favorites images of 2007” slideshow…but I instantly found like 500 favorites and realized I just couldn’t do it!! Now, for 2008…it’s going to be a terrific year! Unlike most people, I don’t really do the whole resolution thing!! I don’t have incredible goals to go 200% higher in everything than last year….I’m just more simple than that. I want to have a GREAT year….continuing to serve the wonderful clients I have with ALL that I have, living peacefully, fulfilled, with tons of love and deeply happy! If we have any goals….they would be to finally get on this whole family thing! 😉 THANK YOU, again, wonderful clients…for making this year one to remember!!! Happy 2008!! All my love!!! Jess 😉

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  1. Jess,

    You inspire anyone who is interested in the art of photography!! You are very gifted and I can’t wait to follow your work as time goes by!!! =)

    Sarah Carter

  2. I definitly agree with Sarah on her message. You are soo amazingly talented, and that makes us all want to be a photographer! From what you gave to us in 2007, I can imagine that 2008 will be so much bigger and better.

    You ROCK girl! 🙂


  3. Jess-
    I just wanted to thank YOU for making our wedding in 2007 so UBER fabulous! Your work is all we have besides the images in our hearts. And when we reflect on the images you captured…it is very similar to our emotional images. you capture everything so perfectly. You are an amazing photographer AND person! I wish you all the best personally and professinally in 2008!
    All the best,
    Mrs. Emily Kelly 🙂

  4. Jess, I just wanted to tell you that your bright, vibrant photos are something that STILL stand out. They continue to make you unique…I look at a ton of blogs. This definitely speaks of your style. I love it! It is so inspiring and FRESH. I’ve been meaning to email you to ask you what exactly you’re doing…or is it secret? I’d be interested in tips. THANKS and Happy 2008!

  5. Jess,

    Your work will ALWAYS be unique.
    You just bring great joy to it!
    That is something very special!
    I am sure 2008 will be a great year for you with many more to come!

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