2008-01-08 19:19:38

Many of you are aware that my husband is also my wonderful, patient and talented wedding assistant! Well, maybe you don’t know that he’s talented and that is the point of this post. (although just watching him go through a wedding assisting me proves his saint like patience…and you’ll have to trust me on the wonderful part! did you see the post about the ring!????) 😉 You see, there is this interesting complex when it comes to that whole husband/wedding assistant thing….when Mark is at a wedding with me, people are often very kind and cute and make sweet comments like, “oh, this must be your husband…I recognize him from the blog, I didn’t know he assisted you at weddings!” when I secretly think that they are thinking, “Wow….way to bring your husband for a free meal” 😉 and I always say….”actually, he’s an incredible photographer…but the fact that he’s (insert some nice word like…cute, kissable, a good dinner date, makes a good dance partner, etc) makes him an awesome wedding assistant too” and they always smile…and I know they are secretly thinking “YEA RIGHT, nice cover blondie…that’s what they ALL say!” but THEN….I say “actually, he’s a jet pilot by week and a wedding connoisseur by weekend” and instantly, I fade off into the background and become practically invisible because his “cool” factor just shot through the roof and made me look like nothing more than a wedding vendor….and they want to talk to him. It’s fine…I’m completely happy giving him the stage….he deserves it. So, I digress….as usual. Back to the point! His talent. So…while doing a quick search for an image on a client’s wedding….I happened accross a set of his images….and it made me think….MAN…that hot husband of mine is a GOOOOOOD photographer! He needs a BLOG POST because I don’t give him enough credit for how TALENTED he is and what an asset he is at a wedding!!! So, here it is…. (this is just a tiny sampling from one wedding)….

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  1. That’s a hilarious but probably true assessment of how Mark is perceived as your assistant, before and after the jet pilot reveal. But he definitely knows how to shoot. I remember asking him a few years ago how many of his shots end up in an album typically. He might have been joking, but he kind of pathetically said, “One.” But that number was a lot higher the last time I asked. Glad to see him get his props! 🙂

  2. I’m not surprised that he is so awesome at taking pictures, look who he lives with! Haha!

    Great Job Mark, I’ve always wanted to see what his pictures looked like! I like them! They have a good feel to them. Hope to see more of these often! 🙂

  3. So that is what your “upstairs” pictures look like!!! They look kind of familiar!

  4. Thank you guys for the positive words!!! I know I show up late and leave early at most weddings, but I give it 100% when I’m there.

    And thank you Pooh Bear, for posting some of my work!! It certainly was rewarding when my first image was selected by a client for an album. But making it on “the blog”, this means I have arrived!!!

  5. Um, heck yah he’s a fantastic photographer! Great work! Can’t wait to see more!!
    Haha, I remember meeting him mid-freak out while munching on a granola bar. Heh.

    Thanks Mark!!


  6. I honestly have to say…that out of all the photographers assistants that I have had to work with ……Mark is certainly at the top of my list! No front page news there.

    You know….you can learn a lot from Mark from just being around him for an hour or so……..the bad thing is……is that you really can’t use it anywhere! 🙂

    Oh and BTW…for those of you who don’t know…Jess is the one who married up! 🙂

    Love you both and wish that we could work with you two clowns at EVERY wedding we do!


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