2007-10-30 05:42:47

I promise that all blog posts are coming….I know many of you are waiting!! I apologize!! I’m at the point where an extra few days in the week really couldn’t hurt…. 😉

For now…as I head out the door for another long day of photographing, I only have time to post a few images from this most beautiful fall day that we were graced with, this past Sunday!

I was headed home from shooting and couldn’t help but stop and capture the colors! It was the most wonderful, crisp, 60 degree day with the brightest sun, the bluest sky and the leaves in brilliant warm tones! I do love fall….even if it takes a while to get here! 🙂

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  1. I love the trees and the breeze… the colors and the country road and field… So pretty, Jessica. Isn’t this time of year amazing? The crisp air is so refreshing, and it just feels so clean and fresh… I just want to drink it in! Love it. 🙂

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