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Hey team…. sorry for being m.i.a lately! Things have been super busy! I’m also flying solo this week and next while my husband is away at jet training (12 days total! yuck!!). I really hate when he’s gone…we’re strange because we love being together….so we whine when we have to be apart for even a night…so this 12 day thing is ridiculous. It’s noooo fun and i’m sad. 🙁 I have a ton of work to do before he gets back and begins JRS training, though….so I’m super busy and that helps me forget that my favorite boy isn’t here!

Tonight, my sweet neighbor took pity on me and made me dinner! It was the MOST yummy authentic mexican….i need her to take pity on me more often! 😉 She’s awesome!! Sooo….my poor born and raised hoosier husband has to watch the superbowl (that the COLTS are going to win) in TEXAS! YUCK!! He’s soo bummed about being away during the one and only time that it’s actually cool to be a hoosier and i’m soo sad for him. He said it’s going to be fully depressing when he’s watching the superbowl in a boring hotel room in Texas, knowing that every person at home is together, celebrating and screaming like maniacs as one! ha! poor guy. I have to admit, i’m CRAZY excited for SUNNNNNDAY NIGHT (cue the background music!!).

I’m making (which, for me, is putting into a bowl) chili cheese dip and chips…and some yet to be determined sweet treat and joining my family and 50 of our closest friends for a night of FOOTBALL MADNESS and what will SURELY be a COLTS VICTORY. My brother in law is projecting the game on a huge wall, so it will be nearly life size! Uhhh….i cannnnot wait. the only thing that would make it better would be to watch it with my favorite boy. it is a great time to be a hoosier, though…this state is a CRAZY sports state and everyone gets involved in the excitement! it’s soo neat.

School’s and businesses are closing Monday so that everyone can stay up late and support the Colts. Not like people wouldn’t do that if they had to go to work or school the next day, but hey…they got a free day off out of it! Frankly…i’m a little jealous! The whole city is lit in blue….everywhere you go, there is a sea of people in colts shirts and jerseys! it’s crazy and soo fun! i even got my first official jersey….luckily the kids smalls weren’t a hot commodity and I was able to snag one (at a bargain rate, too!).

I don’t think i can express how badly i want the COLTS to win and how much I think they deserve it. Peyton Manning and Tony Dungee deserve this more than anyone, in my opinion!! Anyway….where was i??? Oh….so, sorry i’ve been m.i.a….things are busy and a little lonely and a little exciting….all at once. Man…i’m such a girl! 😉 Soo…stayed tuned for week 4 pics of the little grahamanator (as mark lovingly calls him)…we are doing the shoot in the morning! Oh and for the record, I would have many fun shoots to show you, if it wasn’t 2 DEGREES outside. I’ve had to cancel all of my shoot and reshedule, then cancel then reschedule..and keep shuffling my schedule! I mean seriously, 2 DEGREES! This is MADNESS!!

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  1. Yup..GO COLTS! That really sucks that Mark wont be here to celebrate! But we’ll all raise a little more hell for him since he doesn’t have anyone to hang out with and cheer on those Colts with!

    Can’t wait to see week #4! 🙂

    Have a GREAT day!!!

  2. Awwww! I hate that you and Mark have to be apart. 🙁

    We’ll be watching the game on our HD projector as well. It’s AWESOME! Everyone DOES look life size! So much better than if I was actually at the game…..I would have seats so far away that they would all look like little ants running around on the field. lol 🙂

    B & C is one of the businesses that will be closed on Monday. 🙂 But then, we can close anytime we want…..one of the joys of being self-employed!

  3. I know just how you feel. I hate when my husband is gone. I live out in the country so it’s even worse for me because I don’t have any neighbors to run to if there were a problem. I just have to trust that my angels are working overtime when he is away. 🙂 On a side note…I just had to pop in and tell you that I booked my FIRST wedding!! I’m so excited and a bit nervous too. This will be my first wedding being the primary photographer and not the assistant for a change. I’ll be cruising back through your old posts to get some ideas because your work always inspires me. Take care!

  4. I’m glad we’re not the only ones with frigid temperatures. Over the weekend our HIGH is supposed to be 2 BELOW zero!!!

    Have fun at your Superbowl party, I know how ya feel about your hubby being gone, I am the same way!! Oh, and btw, I am rooting for the Colts!!! I think it’s awesome that two underdogs are in it this year! Should be a really fun game to watch.

  5. TEXAN’S FOR THE COLTS!!! Because our Dallas Cowboy’s didn’t make it to the Big Game, we’re cheering for your COLTS. I don’t know if Mark is close to the Dallas area, but if he is, he is welcome to join our family to watch the game. Just email us if he is interested.
    GO COLTS!!!!!

    Have a Great Weekend

  6. yay go colts!
    sorry your boy is going to be gone so long. 🙁 i hope time goes by quick for the both of you.

  7. Go Colts!!! Tell the Heads I said “hi” as you celebrate together! We’ll be doing some celebrating in my neck of the woods too!!!

  8. That’s funny – I thought I was the only one planning to play hookie on Monday. Silly me – I guess the whole town is. I’ve been waiting for this day a loooong time. I still remember the shock of waking up one morning to the news that they had moved to town. That was the day I stopped being a Bengals fan (closest city) and became a Colts fan. I’ll be watching at a small party with my longtime fellow season-ticket buddies, just the way it should be! GO COLTS!!!

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