2007-01-24 19:06:20

There is truly something soo magical about a newborn. I’ve heard alot about it, but only have really experienced it on a minimal basis, until now. They make you see life differently, they provide fresh perspective, they personify innocence and perfection. Being a Christian, I marvel at God’s work on a daily basis…but when you see a perfect newborn, God is soo tangible. They are sweet and tiny…and it’s hard to even imagine that I (or anyone, for that matter) was once like that…but we all were. I love the idea of him growing and experiencing all the wonder that the world has to offer! Learning and experiencing everything new, as he encounters it! I love how children look at such simple things like a leaf or a rock…and they are amazed by it. Graham is clearly not there, yet…but I just adore being a part of his life, seeing him in this magical little newborn state and knowing that we get to grow with him…and watch him learn about the world and all that is in it. I’m soo exciting and I’m seriously a fan of this aunt gig, if you couldn’t tell! 😉 Here he is at three weeks old!

And a few more dramatic shots….

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  1. you rock! like always. 🙂 the drama one’s are great. i especially love the one of him facedown on the rug. looks like he’s on a bearskin rug. goes well with the Winchester part of his name. 😉

  2. He’s a cutie and so alert! I wish Hannah and Ben the best! Enjoy your “little prince”.

  3. …I forgot to add that your lighting is real soft and really brings out the emotions in these photos! Great Work! (i know you don’t need someone else to tell your that your awesome though!)


  4. I love that second of the “dramatic” shots…looks like he’s really contemplating something.

    and that face in the last shot just says, “aunt Jess, are you done yet?”

  5. Gorgeeeeeous!!! He is so tiny and cute. I sure couldn’t get those kind of pics of my newborn at 3 weeks!! Beautiful lighting and work.

  6. so sweet…..i see the strickland’s in him for sure….
    it’s the eyes…but i see ben in him too….probably the nude shots…you know how ben is. ha! didn’t you photograph him ona bear skin rug..just kidding.
    sweet little boy! just wait until he starts “talking” to you!

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