2008-08-22 12:02:04

Our sweet Charli is 2 months old already! It just seems like she arrived yesterday…where does the time go? She just had her check up and she’s 11 pounds now! I just don’t know if I could adore her any more! Something tells me I will, though! 🙂

On a business note…I will be out of the office until September 2nd! I’m headed to Hawaii to photograph a wedding…it’s rough, I know! I should have email and phone access…but my response time just might be a bit delayed! 😉 Aloha!

6 responses to “*CHARLI*”

  1. I love how excited you about her!!! She is gorgeous! Making me so excited to meet my nephew this weekend!

  2. Charli is a BEAUTY!!! I cannot believe she is that old either! I cannot believe Sadie and Bill have STILL NOT MET HER!! Sadie leaves for Anderson University on this Thursday! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO!!???? Have a GREAT time in Hawaii.. Sadie is bummed you did not need her help on that one! HA!
    Take care!

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