2008-08-20 09:25:57

It’s been a while since I updated you all on our sweet nephew, Graham! He is growing like a weed, talking up a storm and being soo cute that I can barely handle it! So, he was at the pool yesterday and as sad as it is, I haven’t made it to the pool one time this entire summer! Not once! And it closes in a week! I had these wonderful thoughts of going to the pool for at least 1 hour a week…and that would be my escape from the insane stress of summer…and I haven’t even made it one time, let alone one hour per week! So, as I’ve told many of you, I leave for Hawaii very soon (for a great wedding that you will have to stay tuned for) and it dawned on me that the pool would close while I’m gone and I won’t have made it one time! So, I had to stop working last night when I heard that Graham was at the pool and go enjoy an hour with him, soaking up the last bits of summer!! I hope your summer has been terrific!

6 responses to “GRAHAM”

  1. I can’t believe that none of the pics of Graham on my shoulders made it!!! We were sooo ready to take anybody on at chicken!!!

  2. What a cute little guy my youngest cousin is! Tell him Cousin Pat loves him. Great photos Jessica!

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