2008-09-25 08:54:45

Our sweet niece, Charli, at 12 weeks old! Doesn’t she melt your heart!?!?

11 responses to “*CHARLI*”

  1. jessica — she is ABSOLUTELY precious. just keeps getting cuter & cuter — as if that is even humanly possible!

  2. She’s just so beautiful and so lucky to have such an awesome photographer aunt!
    I just love the hat she’s wearing! Its almost as cute as she is!
    If this gorgeous little chicken doesnt make a woman clucky, nothing will!

  3. Opps!! I meant Jessica’s sister Jenny, congrats!!
    I think you were in my prenatal class at Clarian North!

  4. love the little beanie! She has so much personality in her facial expressions- precious!

  5. Fantastic pictures! Charli is sure coming into her own. Jenny and Chris had better watch out! She’s beautiful.

  6. Glad I’m not her mom, I don’t know that I could ever say NO to that face! SO STINKIN CUTE!!

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