2008-09-25 09:45:19

You might remember this wonderful family from little Braeden’s portraits or Nicole’s Pregnancy pictures(she had sweet little Lexie) or even Braeden’s newborn pictures! I also shot Nicole & Rick’s wedding, also, but…like my previous post, their wedding was pre blog!!

They are such a terrific family and I just love working with them! It was my first time meeting little Lexie and she is a doll!! They are the most adorable family…too! Rick & Nicole…I adore you guys…you know I do…and I love watching your family grow! It’s an honor to capture it and have you as friends!

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  1. i love you i love you i love you. You capture the eyes of God in every photo….i am truly captivated and my soul put at ease when I look at your work. Thank you for sharing your talent with us…can’t wait to see all of them! Love you…Nicole

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