2006-08-02 07:56:17

YAAAAAAAY…..our friends are FINALLY engaged!!!! Melissa & Gary are Mark & I’s very close friends…and they are soo very special to us!! As I have said before, Mel is one of my closest friends…we’ve been friends since college when we lived together! Well….one day, several years ago, I begged her to go to Gary Fong’s digital photography seminar with me! She went and we ended up having dinner that night with Gary and having our usual “deep thought” conversations…and we left…laughing about the whole thing (b/c there were quite a few funny experiences involved too!) Then, Mel & Gary proceeded to talk on the phone every now and then…which turned into all the time, which turned into them traveling to see each other, which turned into her moving to Canada to be with him….and NOW THEY ARE FINALLY ENGAGED!!! YAAAAY!!!!!! Well, Gary has been planning the engagement for a little while and I have been involved…giving my opinions on rings, diamond sizes, etc! I’ve been totally avoiding Mel b/c I didn’t want to give it away or act nervous and have her wonder what on earth was going on! Soo…anyway, they are in Hawaii and it finally happened!! I’m SOO excited! To read the funny story of the engagement, click here: http://www.xanga.com/garyfong1
They recently bought an amazing ranch in British Columbia, Canada…and the wedding will be there! It’s going to be soo amazing and special…I literally cannot wait! Mel and Gary have the most special relationship! It’s great!

They both have very specific, very distinctive personality types and it’s soo funny…their personalities, although different….just mesh perfectly! I’ve watched Mel go through many relationships that just weren’t a fit for her…and when I saw her and Gary together for the first time, I realized….this is the perfect fit for her and her personality! He compliments her in all the right ways and softened the rough edges that needed softened on her…and she does the exact same for him! I just love it!! I’m soo happy for them…I can’t even tell you ! CONGRATS, Mel & Gary! We love you and CANNOT wait until Next August! YAAAAAY!!!!! 🙂

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  1. Jess, your post made my eyes tear up.
    I am so glad that you were such a weirdo stalker freak because now Missy is forever in my life as are you and Mark, my two favorite people on this earth. I love you both so much.

    I am so thankful that our paths crossed.

  2. Did Gary get that monster out of the Supermarket Candy Machine? It is a monster. Beautiful! What is Gary going to get her on the 10th anniversary? DeBeers loves men like him. My wife will now think she is getting one of her own. Not.

    Thank Gary for setting the Bar a bit high for all single men in all the world.


  3. awww thanks Jess. You are so awesome!!!! We love you guys so much!

    thanks for telling me about gary… he is a pretty cool guy! (oh and I love him)

  4. Yeah, thanks for bringing Mel to his digital seminar. I have never seen Gary so stoked as this last year. What great news!!! Now I want to know how so many women kept a secret.

  5. Jess:
    Now that Gray has given Melissa that 11 CARAT ring, I went and told my wife of 20 years, she is saying, so….where’s my 11 carats? Last night I went to Safeway and bought her a bunch of Carrots and presented them to her,what do you think? She got 12 carrots in all! LOL!
    Don’t worry, on our 20 year anniversary I presented her with a platinum anniversary ring (4 carats) by Scott Kay.
    Loved your blog message to them, you and your husband sound like great people!

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