2006-08-01 18:01:09

As many of you know, my husband is a pilot!! (on Saturday’s…he turns into wedding assistant extraordinare!!!) As part of his regular pilot stuff, he has to go up every now and then and get “current”…whatever that means! Soo…anyway, I go with him whenever I can! I love flying with him…he’s such an incredible pilot (despite the fact that he doesn’t look all that serious about anything in the picture below!). His flights are always soo safe, smooth, perfect landings…he’s really awesome! He has some crazy number of total flight hours, like 2 or 3 thousand hours, so I guess that’s why! ha! So…when we went up flying last night, I was worried b/c it’s normally really bumpy up in the air when it’s super hot…and encase you weren’t aware, it’s like an oven on 475 here in Indiana right now! And, it’s the most humid that I think it has ever been in the history of man! ha! It’s really SOO awful! All of my shoots have cancelled for the past two weeks b/c it’s been above 90 degrees, heat index of like 110 and max humidity! Needless to say, it’s impossible to photograph in that and actually look decent. So, anyway….of course, our flight was great, despite the heat…b/c my husband rocks! 🙂 It was actually soo gorgeous up in the air though b/c there was this misty haze of instense humidity in the sky and the colors of the sunset were intensified because of it! It was super cool!! One of the things I love most about Indiana is the constant contrast of beautiful colors…blue skies, green grass, colorful crops, the cast that the sky takes during the harvest of those crops, intense sunset, etc! Have a look….

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  1. Leave it to you to turn a hanger and a cessna into fine art photography. Love it!!

    Melissa B.

  2. Thanks, Melissa! 😉 I really appreciate that! well, I actually started a “project” many years ago that basically was me just taking my camera along in normal situations and looking for art in those situations. It was amazing what that did for me! I called it an “inspiration shoot”…and it helped me stay inspired and look for art in ordinary things…i still do it all the time and I love it. I’ll take a camera with me on my date night with my husband, on pool parties with friends, on Sunday’s at the lake with my family…etc!!! I actually do an inspire session before each wedding too…and I think it’s absoutely critical! I have a gazillion tear sheets that I reference, as well as tons of websites & blogs…and I challenge myself to do 10 different things at each wedding based on my inspiration…such as new lighting, a new pose, a new concept, etc. There isn’t always time or the opportunity to do 10 different things, so sometimes, the 10 things stay on my to-do list for 5 weddings…but it’s the concept of just getting jazzed up before a wedding and wanting to go out and do your very best work EACH and every time you shoot!!! It really changed my work SOO much…so thank you for noticing my attempt to make art out of ordinary things! 😉 I really appreciate it…as well as all of your other wonderful, kind comments! 😉

  3. You know….it is about time that they re-made “Top Gun”. Mark…you are so in the running for the role of Maverick!

    Oh yeah…we know where you two ate last night! You are in so much trouble with us!!! 🙂

  4. Hi Jessica,

    You’re welcome. I appreciate you commenting back on my post. I like your idea of the “inspiration shoot”. Whenever I shoot a wedding (i’m just an assistant now, not the “real” photographer *lol*) I find that it takes me awhile to get in the groove of things. I can always tell that my shots get better and more creative as the event rolls on. So, I can see how doing an “inspiration shoot” could help me to get all of the ho-hum and so-so images out of the way and start out taking great images at the beginning of the event. I love photography for many reasons but mostly because of the way it has changed my perspective on people and the world in general. I love that it makes me seek out the beauty in the seemingly ordinary things, people or places. I have found so much inspiration in your images and am so glad I came across your site a couple months back. I check it religiously for ideas. Many times the photographer I work for has commented on some of my images saying, “Hey, that’s a good one. I like what you did here.” Usually I have to reply, “Oh, yeah… I shot that one Jessica Strickland style.” 🙂

    Melissa B.

  5. Jessica…Jessica…Jessica….WOW!!!!!! You are TOTALLY AMAZING!!!!!
    What awesome pictures…I am just in awe of your gifts!!! Now that I have checked out your website ~ I just can’t keep myself from checking it each week to see the ART!!!! AMAZING!!!
    I love seeing pics of you and your hubby!
    God has given you a very special gift ~ and you are definitely using it to its fullest!
    Keep on Shootin’!
    Blessings! Julie ~ Royal Creations

  6. jess, you are nuts!!!! i would never go up in a plane like that. i have issues with being in a huge plane. i would have peed my pants. hahaha

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