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Wow…I just saw this for the first time and I HAD to share it…..

This is SOO true in the industry of photography…and something that I a very passionately hate! I do NOT retouch any of my photographs…I think people are best when they are REAL!

It’s the Dove Evolution video….

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  1. I just saw this same video on The Today Show! It’s amazing that we strive to look like what we see in media and advertising……and most of it is not even real!

  2. so so so sooooo true… especially in EVERY SINGLE FASHION MAGAZINE! I completely agree… keep it real because real is pure beauty.

  3. WOW! I don’t think the average person understands how much photoshop is done to the models in the magazines!! And they wonder why they don’t look like that!

  4. After watching Tyra show a real photo and the retouched photo.. I knew they were all made much skinner than they really are. I don’t strive to be like a model because being a photographer I know what retouching can do. BUT to be honest!!! I will take the retouching of my wrinkles ANY DAY! And taking out blemishes… FINE WITH ME! LOL and when my weight goes up and down 10 lbs all the time… I will take the smudge tool while my weight is up! LOL

  5. That clip had no words…yet fantastically powerful. Unfortunate the distorted view of beauty that is for public consumption, especially for those young children who try and emulate. Beauty is being your true self…you get to capture that honest beauty for a living…what a fabulous calling. Not only do you capture the truth, you do it beautifully, Jess.

  6. ok, this is something i am very passionate about so this is a long one!
    first of all, i saw the tyra show too and it’s just a sad thing that teens are anorexic because they strive to look like a billboard lie! i totally agree with jess and am so glad she brought this up…..i have a 7 year old and i am already worried about her perception of beauty. i am a photographer as well and she sees people everyday in my studio (particurally mothers of the brides asking for extreme retouching) asking me to basically perform “plastic surgery” on them. i’m not talking about a stray hair or a blemish, i’m talking about photoshop botoxing and photoshop rapid weight loss!! she sees make up artists at my commercial shoots and sees alot of airbrushing before i even pick up the camera….at my studio, i simply enhance the truth instead of distorting it. which is exactly what i feel jess does….she “enhances” with the vibrant and beautiful colors. not lies, just enhancing the truth! i do think the industry has a place for retouching…(blemishes, etc and i admit, i will slim a bulge down on someone if it’s needed and it’s reality that women wear make-up and so they are already “distorting” the truth so i don’t see anything wrong with taking away a blemish or slightly helping them out a bit as even i want to look the best i can and after having a baby and seeing photos of myself, a tiny bit of retouching on those undereye no sleep bags does help..ha) but not reforming people. it is “remaking” of a person that’s taken to extremes!! i think an “art” image can be a great narrative which in my fine art and commercial own work i do enjoy creating imagery that’s really illustrative and tells a story and is a visual narrative but that’s an entirely different type of photography…here we are talking about images that are fantasy but being perceived as REAL which they are NOT!!…….an illustrative piece as a book cover or whatever is looked at and people look at it like a painting don’t expect it to be real…it’s fantasy, it’s art, it’s narrative tableux ….sad enough, everyday people especially teens are faced with “fantasy” in everyday life and look at Seventeen magazine and think everything they see is real! it’s unfortunately the age of botox, extreme dieting etc…….
    so THANKS again jess for pointing this out! jess your images are happy and make me want to look at them. they are enhanced, NOT retouched or remade. they are real! i love the extreme colors as does everyone else on your blog! sometimes the colors we see around us just aren’t that pretty and you do an amazing job of saturating them up…i LOVE them! the images i see in the fashion world are not fantasy images and not just enhanced or super artsy fine art as an illustrative image but are made to look as if all models are perfect 100 pounds and gorgeous heck jess, they are made to look like you!! 🙂 seriuosly, they are perceived by children like my daughter that sees ashley simpson to runway models and think that they all look like they do naturally
    as a mother, this really bothers me too ……it’s difficult having a photography studio where i am asked in front of my daughter daily to make people look thinner …….i try to simply like jess, enhance what’s there and not create a new person………i try to show my daughter that fantasy illustrative images and documentaries of real life are on total different ends of the photographic spectrum and there that all in between there are lies and distortment
    …….anyway, my 2 cents worth.
    so be creative, be art, be fun and be “real!”

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