2006-11-03 10:31:08

Today, I’m going to ramble! I’m seriously feeling the grip of winter today. It’s cold, I mean COLD outside(as in 20 degrees). There is something I love about the cold…and then there are many things I hate! It’s a strong love/hate relationship. I love how it’s brisk and you can breath deep and full…and when the sun comes out it’s like a dose of warm wonderfullness, I love how it makes you feel the warmth of Christmas approaching and fires in the fireplaces and an excuse to have waay to many lattes & carmel apple ciders at Starbucks and curl up almost constantly with cozy, warm blankets and burn yummy sweet smelling candles all the time!! I hate how my hands and feet are always cold. Don’t you hate that? I really could use to have better circulation…but that’s a whooooole other point. I love how I have an excuse to eat alot of soup! I love soup(especially my favorite of the week, the campbells selects tortilla soup…2 mins in the micro, toss a lil cheese on top and you have yourself one heck of a lunch!)! I love food that is bad for you! Speaking of food….or a lack of food, really….GUESS WHAT!?

My husband, Mr. Wonderful…..has lost 30 POUNDS! Do you believe that? Isn’t that SOO great(and somewhat ironic considering all the food I jut talked about)! He’s super devoted to working out and being healthy! Ya KNOW what is great though, we still eat what we love and have a blast and drink wine….and do NOT cut anything great from our lifestyle because of his new lifestyle! Really, it’s true! We still go to mexican very faithfully, we pick up Starbucks all the time, we go to Panera, snack WAAY to often, we eat Cape Cod chips (the BEST potato chips EVER..should have been on my fav things but I have soo many fav things in the category of food that it really needs to have it’s own post!) and do all things we love! The SECRET is to have control on portions and mix it with some healthy stuff! We are HUGE sushi fans, so we eat sushi a couple of times a week, eat alot of edamame and have a yummy salad every now and then…plus, he works out ALOT…and EVERYONE is happy! 🙂 (i don’t like to eat anything that isn’t SUPER yummy….so I can’t really do the healthy, no flavor thing! It’s just NOT me! You just have to eat yummy food…life is TOO short NOT TO!) 🙂 Anyway….I’m SOO proud of him, I can’t even tell you! Isn’t he CUTE and skinny!!! Gotta LOVE THAT! (and THAT picture was in September, he’s even SKINNIER now!!) YAAAY, Mark! 🙂 So, this weekend is my first weekend off is a REALLY long time, however, it’s really not a weekend “off” at all because I’m throwing TWO parties! Yes, leave it to me to fill my first weekend off with a TON of work and not a single minute to relax! I will be throwing a baby shower (a very cool one, if I do say so myself) for my sister in law! I have put alot of thought into this shower, so I can’t wait! Then, I am working with my family for on a fun anniversary hang out for my Grandparents anniversary on Sunday! It’s a super fun fall bonfire complete with a weine/smore roast, hot apple cider and more! So, it’s going to be fun! So, the point of this post was to wish you a a very happy fall (although a bit late b/c I’ve just been really busy this fall) and to tell you that I wish you a cozy, wonderful weekend! 🙂 I’ll report next week with many fun party pictures! 🙂 (wow….that was seriously a rambling post if I ever saw one! phew!)

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  1. What Jess neglected to tell you was that for 3 months, I ate rice cakes and soup, consuming about 800-900 calories a day. After I hit my goal weight, I started eating things that aren’t so great, but I can only do that because I now run about 5 miles 4-5 times a week. I love you baby…I did it all for you!!

  2. I just bought some edamame and have no idea how to cook it. Any suggestions?

    Congrats Mark! That’s so awesome! My husband and I have started running. Takes me 35 minutes to run 2 miles, but hey, it’s a start right?!?!

    Jess, you are just too cute!! I love how you talk about your hubby. I can just feel the love!

  3. I’m super impressed by what Mark has been able to accomplish. The dedication it took to eat what he did for so long is beyond what I can fathom, but he did it! He looks great in this picture! Just like a movie star! I love your rambling posts. Although I only know you through our blogs I can tell that you write just like you talk. You are so funny!

  4. Speaking of working out…I got up Thursday morning at 5:30 for my usual workout and when I was walking out of the gym I looked up and the sky was this electric blue and the first thing I thought of was you! It reminded me of the vibrant colors that are always in your photos. It was the coolest color! I wish there had been a way for me to capture it to show you (unfortunately, no camera in the gym bag and far be it for me to take a picture and send it to you…I am no photographer!) Just thought you might like to know someone was thinkin’ about you! Have a great weekend and enjoy your parties!

  5. Jess I love your website. I check in often to see what is happening.
    Mark looks so great. Tell him I said Hello

  6. Mark, you’re soooo HOT! Love ya Babe. Rice cakes are tasteless. Keep up the good work!!!

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