2009-04-08 10:55:04

It was my second trip to the Extreme Home Makeover site! I was nearly shocked as I walked up…to see where the house was when I left on Wednesday and how far it had come in just 48 hours! It was truly incredible and I think I stood there for a few minutes to just absorb it all! The exterior was 100% finished, a new sidewalk, repaved roads, 100% landscaped, the energy windmill installed, basketball court installed and the house construction 100% finished with keys turned over to the design team for the furniture install! It was a fun night, the energy was high and I loved being a part of it! I wasn’t able to photograph the big reveal on Saturday, but I had the awesome opportunity to be the only photographer to photograph the finished home on Sunday! It’s absolutely gorgeous and the family couldn’t have been happier with it! 🙂

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