2009-04-01 23:49:31

I had the incredible opportunity to photograph the Extreme Home Makeover happening here in Indy! I joined the set in the wee hours of the morning and was just overwhelmed at the incredible work unfolding before my eyes! It was almost 6am and the site was packed with volunteers working as hard as their hands would allow and it was apparent that they had been working for hours. As the sun rose, more volunteers flooded the scene and just made me relish in the helpful spirit that encompassed the whole experience. The spirit went beyond the E.X.M home, it branched out into the neighborhood…the neighbors house was being repainted, the roads were being repaved, neighbors received new roofs in previous days and new landscaping. It’s a truly amazing experience to see a community come together with no other motive than to help their fellow man…the world could use a little more of an extreme makeover! The house itself is just awesome! The builder, Estridge, has just done an amazing job and has been the coordinator of the neighborhood wide improvements! I was soo blessed to get to be a part of this experience! Stay tuned for more images of the next stages of the house and be sure to watch the season finale on MAY 17th when this episode airs!

CLICK HERE to view Estridge’s EXTREME DREAM BLOG and track the progress of the house and see more images!!


  1. Wow! Looking at these photos gave me the chills! What an awesome experience to photograph! I love how you captured these peoples’ helping spirit and their happiness at work! Love how you got all sorts of angles of light, especially the sunlight streaming through the arms of various contractors. If you need anyone to go back with you, I would love the opportunity!!!
    Great work!

  2. These are amazing, Jessica! I love all the little details you got. I’m sure it was an awesome experience. Everytime I see that show, I have a hard time holding back the tears.

  3. Great pictures, Jess. I loved all the different angles, but I was hoping to see YOU in a hard hat!

  4. um…are you famous??!!? Did you get to meet Ty? Are you going to be on the show? 🙂 You are awesome! What great shots of the kindness and generousity of the people of Indy!

  5. What awesome photos Jess! You captured so much, I almost feel like I was there too! We knew you were the best…can’t wait til May 9!! 🙂

  6. Jess that is so cool you got to do this and u did such a good job!! I watch this show every sunday and it brings tears to my eyes everytime!

  7. Ok Jessica you truly have an amazing job! I am so jealous! I just have ONE request…can you get a picture of Ty Pennington for me? I LOVE HIM!!! I mean autographed by him would be a dream come true, but a picture I can just frame would be just as amazing! 🙂 Thanks! Have fun with the experience and I can’t wait to see the updated pictures!

  8. Jess, the pics are so alive–it seems like I am right there behind you 🙂 If they have any sense, they will try to hire you as their official photographer 🙂

  9. Beautiful work capturing such an amazing cause, Jess! Can’t wait to see the episode. Think you can score a cameo? 😉

  10. Jess:

    Great photos! They beat the pants off those taken by the Star, despite the handicap of having to take them overnight. Did Estridge hire you?


  11. Cool images Jess….

    I sent one of my PJ students out to cover that as well. If you see Melody (my student) make sure she’s holding her camera correctly!

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