2007-06-22 11:18:27

Although this was a really tough week, it was also a great week in terms of being with my family! I really have the most wonderful, fun family!! I am soo blessed!! We are all super busy, so we rarely are able to get together! When we do, though, we have such a blast!! We believe that even though a funeral is sad and difficult, it’s also a celebration of a fantastic life and a celebration of going home! So, we had a cookout at my Grandparents house, after the events of the funeral…and it was really wonderful!! I have a bunch of blog junkies in my family (HOLLA FAM!) and so I told them I would do a shout out to them!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! (oh and the reason I look happy in all of my pictures is because I was on some great pain killers for my back, neck & tailbone pain! ha!)

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  1. Hi Jess, it looks as if you had a great time with your family, just being together. I started reading your blog right after Memorial Day weekend which my family and I spent with your grandparents. I had to comment because I saw the pics of them here and I wanted to say how truly precious they are! Thanks for sharing these shots, and I hope you’re back, neck and tail bone, are feeling better.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. So is it a rule that everybody has to be gorgeous to be in your family???

    What a great-looking group of people. I’m so happy that you found joy even in the sadness of it all.

    Hugs to you, my friend!

  3. what a wonderful time for you to be with your family. you all look so well grounded. certainly attests to your character, jess. 🙂

  4. jesssss! haha these pictures are priceless. Me and jess look so stupid. Well not jess…mainly me.
    haha love you!


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