2007-06-25 14:42:55

What a day…I just returned from Jury Duty, where I was the VERY last one released out of 60 people, narrowed to 14! I can’t tell you glad I was to be released! It was a child molestation case that happened in my hometown of Zionsville. The molester is wanted in several counties and was supposedly one of the most active molesters in central Indiana. When I realized what kind of case I was about to be a part of, I was shocked and sickened. The molester sat in the courtroom during the 4 hours of jury selection and starred at us the entire time, which gave me chills. I had read about the incident in the paper and heard about it from friends and family…. we live in a small, safe and fairly wealthy town and so things like this are rare and get alot of attention. I didn’t want to sit on the jury but they kept selecting me, despite the honest feelings I was sharing and the truth that I knew many people involved in the case, read all about the case, was a longtime Zionsville resident and even knew the two main detectives on the case (shot family pictures for one of them!)! I couldn’t believe it when I was chosen for the final 16, with only two people left to be released. Finally, they came to the last name and it was mine!! I obviously want justice and want this man to pay for his crime, but truthfully…. I was relieved to be released. After I was released, I went back and re-read the newspaper article that recounted the situation that occurred in my hometown of Zionsville. I was in tears when I read the article. All I can say is that I hope he is convicted and spends every moment of his potential 50-year prison sentence behind bars. I do know that you are innocent until proven guilty, but the paper had already announced that DNA evidence matched this man up to this case and others, just within the past year…with other counties waiting to put him on trial for other pending cases, with the same evidence. That’s enough for me.

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  1. Wow Jess, this has been an interesting past week for you…to say the least. I hope you are feeling better:)

  2. that stuff makes me sick. if anyone ever did that to any of my kids i would be taking pictures from inside my cell. urrrrg, that makes me mad.

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