2006-03-07 16:00:58

So, I was sitting at my desk just now….working away, as usual. I was honestly just soo frustrated because I have spent almost my entire day attempting to get my bank statements downloaded into my accounting software, quickbooks..to make my accounting be a much easier and much LESS time consuming process. I am having NO luck! Through all of this, I have talked to 6 customer service reps, tried everything and successfully given my entire day to this big waste of time…because the end result as of now is that, “it must just not be possible, Mrs. Strickland.” I’m soo annoyed….i think customer service phone people have a special nack for that.

It’s almost 4:00 and nothing has gotten done! Errr! 🙁

The doorbell rings…I look out the window and see my best friend, mr. ups. He comes by up to three times per day, so you can see why we share a special bond.

I go to the door expecting several pictage boxes….and there sits a 1800FLOWERS box. My day changes!:)

I open it and it’s full of amazing gerber daisies(i LOVE gerber daisies…they are just sooo happy!!) and I can’t imagine who would send these to me!?! It’s my WONDERFUL friend, Missy!!:) (www.missycarl.com, www.melissacarl.com.)

It’s a belated birthday gift and I am suddenly in a MUCH better mood!

Awww, I love my friends!!! I love you, MISS! You are THE BEST, THANK YOU for making my day! YOU ROCK!!!:) I LOVE MY FLOWERS!! 😉 (and thanks, G!)

Aren’t I the luckiest girl…. 😉

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  1. Awww…. You gotta love your friends! And those flower photos are amazing girl! And I am guessing they were just quick little candid shots too! I am seriously come down to Indy to study under you 🙂

  2. Those are also my favorite flowers. They are GORGEOUS!! Can’t wait till the wedding day…i sure hope you’ll be there!!! 🙂 Also..happy belated birthday!

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