2006-03-07 15:57:01

Sunsets are among my most favorite thing in the world! (that list is pretty long though) I think they are God’s way of creating art….one of His many ways!:)

I remember being in college and going through a pretty rough time…going through a breakup, working soo hard at my photographic portfolio for graduation, barely weighing enough to keep my feet on the groud…and I would drive home from Ohio and somehow, everytime I would take that 2 hour drive, the sunsets would just be soooo amazing! It was like God was just blessing me with the best view in the world for my drive home. He knew it was exactly what i needed!

I remember that soo fondly because it helped me get through that time…and keep perspective on the greater things in life…versus the small things that soo easily take over.

Ever since then, I always notice sunsets…and just love them soo much. As I told you, we were soo blessed to build our home on a lot that had an amazing view of the sunsets! It has been the greatest part of where we live! (I just wish the siloh wasn’t in every shot!) ;(

Anyway….I just had to show you the vibrant colors of this sunset! It was soo amazing!!:)

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