2006-07-07 21:21:12

Ok, here’s this weeks question:

*******If you could be President, would you want to be AND IF SO, what would be the first 3 things you would change or you would do when you took office??********

My answer….hmmm…..

Interestingly enough…I do not think I would like to be President. Mainly because I think that there is soo much judgement without justification or reasoning for it….I think people just judge the president and blame him for everything…even though they have no idea what he believes/where he stands on issues, etc….. (althought I’m not a huge Bush supporter, so don’t be confused!) I have a hard time personally being judged by people…if they do not know and/or understand me….so I don’t think I could effectively do my job knowing how many people dislike and are judging me without good reason to do so or any real understanding of me, my believes, etc. Also, I think the pressure would kill me…AND I absolutely hate the idea of being famous! I really hate it soo much…I always feel soo terrible for famous people who can’t even grocery shop in privacy…so I think just the fame would give an anxiety attack! I seriously feel terrible for superstars people like Jennifer Aniston, etc….who can’t even open their blinds and enjoy the sunshine, without being bombarded by paparazzi, etc. I think that sounds soo miserable. I can’t even imagine getting the kind of constant bombardment that the president gets! My blood pressure just went up thinking about it! Sorry that those reasons are all slighly superficial…but they are real reasons! I have political reasoning too…but I’ll save that for another time! 😉

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  1. WOW! You may have really opened a can of worms Jess!

    A lot of posters on this blog are creative people like myself. I know how important it is for us to keep getting that positve feedback. Being the POTUS takes a person who does not care what others think. They have to be able to lead and do what they feel is right regardless of what a group over here or over there may think.

    Not sure I could do that. I am a pleaser! I want to make everybody happy. I HATE conflict between people.

    Now…if I were the POTUS…the 3 things I would change…

    1. Federal law would mandate that all couples getting married MUST hire a professional videographer.

    2. The minimum pay for professional wedding videographers should be no less than $5,000 an event. With all the hours we put into a video…we are currently making less than minimum wage!

    3. I would appoint Jessica R. Strickland as Chief White House Photographer & Sterling Mark Strickland would be called upon to pilot Air Force One! 🙂

  2. Wow- This is actually a really good question. Even though I would NEVER want to be president, I have some things in mind that I would love to see changed!!

    #1- First and formost I would want to see the education system step it up and make sure that EVERY school, no matter what city or town you live in gets the best education possible. Of course that would take money and instead of asking for more in taxes I would honestly pull out of this war and take that money (which is PLENTY) and put it all in the school systems!!! I saw a show on Oprah that compared to different schools, one with money and one with almost none and the students learned so much more and loved school so much more when they could walk down the halls and not have the ceiling fall down on them!

    #2- The next thing I would focus on would be abused women and children. I think it’s terrable that woman that are abused by their husbands or boyfriends stay in the relationship because they can’t afford to take care of themselves without him. I don’t know how to fix that… but I would get a team together and figure it out. I am sure there is something like that now… but I would find a way to improve it.

    #3- I would push nonsmoking for all states in the country. I don’t know if that is possible for the prestident… but I would talk about it A LOT.

    Those are just my ideas.

  3. I would not want to be the President, but I would be in the cabinet if asked. I would change the following in no particular order:

    1. Healthcare. I don’t know if socialized medicine is a the best way to go, but something has to be done about self employed persons’ health insurance.

    2. Tax structure. I would get rid of income tax and go strictly to sales tax. Yes, sales tax would be 10-15%, but we would get rid of 3/4 of the IRS because the whole “lifestyle exceeds income” would be gone. When the drug dealer buys his escalade, he pays his taxes, because we all know he isn’t paying on his cocaine sales.

    3. Unemployment. If you are a working person and you live month to month and have minimal savings like most people, you are only 2, maybe 3 months away from being homeless. Let’s pretend. If I make $1000/wk ($52k/yr) and I lose my job and have no severence pay, I would collect unemployment until I could find another job. Well, pilot jobs are pretty scarce. So it might take me a while. Maybe 3-4 months. Well, instead of that cool grand a week, unemployment would pay about $400. Doesn’t quite pay the bills, does it? So if I don’t land a job within a week or two, tough luck. Wheeler Mission here I come. I think that the unemployment system should change: for 2 months, you receive your regular paycheck. The 3rd and 4th month, you receive 3/4 of your original paycheck. The 5th month, you are receiving 1/2. The 6th month, you are receiving 1/4. The 7th month, you’re done. If you are having trouble finding a job by the 3rd month, you still have time try to sell your house and downsize your car before they are repoed.

    These are just my thoughts. I can’t even e prez yet, I am not 35.

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