2006-07-25 12:39:48

Just wanted to say SORRY for the major lack of posts lately! I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t had any time to put any current work on the blog! I’m soo sorry! STAY TUNED though b/c I had an INCREDIBLE wedding this past weekend at my FAVORITE venue, the Indianapolis Museum of Art and YOU HAVE to see it! I’m actually going to do an extra long post b/c I have SOO many favorite images! It will be up as SOON!!! 🙂

Thanks for your patience! I appreciate it! 😉

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    You can be sure there are many of us on pins & needles looking forward to seeing the images to come. I’m sure they will be worth the wait if you are that excited about them. Have a great day!

    Melissa B.

  2. Jessica – You were busy yesterday?!??!? I can’t imagine with what! HA! Thanks again for ALL of your time and help. You are such a fantastic photographer AND friend! Still keeping my fingers crossed for this weekend!!


  3. Hello Jessica,

    I’m a dutch photographer and I visited your site after visiting the Gary Fong site. I really like your work, it looks great. I’m just started as a weddingphotographer and I was wondering how you get those colours in your pictures. Is it cross- processing or photoshop? Do you shoot digital?
    I hope you have some time to answer my questions. Thanks.


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