2006-08-21 16:18:55

Ok, so PLEASE don’t judge me based on this post! I really am a nice girl! 😉 However, I learned to shoot a gun today…and I wasn’t too shabby because I hit the BULLZEYE…thank you very much!!! YAAY!!! I was SOO proud of myself!! (oh, I guess I should probably say that if you are a gun sensitive person, now would be a good time to just go to the next post!) Anyway….I’m not a tomboy, but I’m definitely NOT a “hate dirt, hate bugs” girly girl either…I’m somewher in between…but I really enjoyed perfecting my shooting skills! So, if you plan to burglarize my house…you better watch out! hehe! My husband ALSO hit the bullzeye…but he’s had practice, so it doesn’t count! hehe!! My husbands family lives on a gorgeous piece of property out in the country, outside of Indy. We love going there, it’s soo peaceful and beautiful! They have trees that are over a hundred years old on this gorgeous rolling property…it’s soo neat! I love spending time in the country because life literally slows down SOO much and you can just enjoy time and chill out….it’s soo good for the soul…and for me b/c most of my life is spent going a million miles a minute! My family shoot was actually near my inlaws property, so we made the most of the day and enjoyed some time with them, while having a little shooting practice on their property and just taking some r&r time and having a nice family dinner! It was soo great! We even stopped and did a fun shoot on the side of the road in the corn fields! ha! (the one out of focus shot of me running toward the camera is my husbands artistic genious! hehe!) Have I mentioned that I LOVE Sundays!?!

I thought I’d pose it up for ya’ll!

Mark in my mom mobile…..(although i’m not a mom, yet!)

Mark’s artwork…it’s supposed to be out of focus! ha!!

This is my “where’s waldo” picture!!


The second image is my sis & bro in law…Hannah & Ben! Hannah is expecting in January! I cannnnnot wait!!!!

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  1. I’m the daughter of a cop so you don’t have to worry about ME judging you. I personally think it is smart for a woman to learn how to use a gun. ANYWAYS…I love those series of shots with the gun. Nice stopping of the action…casings in mid air, puffs of smoke…love it!!

  2. Thanks, Melissa! 🙂

    Amber!!!….we miss you toooo!!! Gosh, I can’t believe we have to wait till Vegas to hang out!!! uhhhh!! Maybe we can find an excuse to come hang out in Tennesse!! That would rock!!!! 🙂 Hope your arm is feeling better soooon! 😉

  3. Looks like fun! We’ll have to go with you guys next time!

    I loved the pictures that showed the casings! What an awesome split second shot!

  4. Man oh man!
    Don’t want to get you ticked off at any Brides or Grooms. You might blow-em away, Dirty-Harry Strickland LOL!

  5. I liked the pics of me shooting from the right better. :)- I see you decided to put up the “Mark and Ben quadruple chin shot”. Heh. Anyway, great job on your shooting (both camera and pistol)! We’ll have to go do it again soon. Gotta keep up those skills. Did you show your dad your target yet?

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