2006-08-14 10:03:19

Well, in honor of my only & last day off for quite a while….we spent the day with my extended family who came in from out of town! We had such a blast…I have the most fantastic family ever!!!!! We are the kind of family that gets together whenever we possibly can…because we have such a blast together and just enjoy each other soo much!! It’s such a great thing to just adore your family and to soo enjoy being with them!! We also take family trips together and have the MOST fun!! It’s SUCH a blast. They are all from the south, North Carolina & Florida…so that’s why we value our time together soo much!! My two aunts & uncle were here….we missed my other aunt & uncle…& cousins, though! (HOLLA robin, adam, ashley, dave & barbara!!!….love you guys!!) Anyway…it was such a fun sunday and soo relaxing & great!! We looked at old pictures…laughed our butts off…had pizza & margaritas, hung out by the lake & ended the night with at great bonfire!! Mmmm….I love Sundays! We’ll miss you, Mary, Jane & Chuck! Can’t wait till next time!!! 🙂

Mom & AJ (aunt jane, aka, LIL!) practicing their pagent wave…while on the john deere gator! ha!…
My sis & I…being nerds….
AJ & AM (aunt jane & aunt mary) admiring the album that I made for Jenny & Chris (my sis & broinlaw)…
Mark & I looking a little cheeeesy…

Mark….looking quite ubersexual….

The love of my life (in DOG terms), Gracie! She is THE very best dog in the world…and she also is the world’s most photogenic dog…she seriously POSES every time I aim the camera at her! It’s soo FUNNY!

Dad and his twin, but not really….Uncle C….

Jane…looking gorgeous….

Mary…looking gorgeous….

Mom & I with AJ & AM….the VERY best Aunts EVER!

Our horse farm….(even though we don’t ride horses…HA!…other people ride there, though, so it’s all good!)….

Dad….looking cool.

Yes, there is a slight obsession with John Deere, thanks to my Dad…….

Mark…being normal….

I told you this dog was a poser…..

It’s soo beautiful on my family’s property….

This is our other girl, Sallie! She’s crazy and I just love her!

Awwww….jenny & chris being cute!i loooove them!!

Chris…the fishing obsessed man….

Mark…trying to act like he doesn’t know that I’m taking his picture….nice try dude!

Jenny…making me promise that I would not, for any reason, put this picture on my blog! YEA RIGHT!

Just encase you didn’t believe me before…..

Mom, AJ & AM checking out my blog!

A little more air time for Sal-Sal….

My Dad & his psycho cat who has a vendetta out for everyone, except my Dad. Doesn’t she look evil…

Mmmmm….a yummy bonfire a brisk evening….who doesn’t love THAT!

8 responses to “fun.sunday”

  1. These Rock Jess! I am so excited to hear Fun Sunday!! Woohoo!!!

    Hope to hook up with you guys again soon!!


  2. It’s great to see a family these days that loves each other, enjoys getting togehter, and gets along. I too am blessed with a happy family, however, it is no longer the norm what with all the divorces and family squabbles that seem to have taken over the traditional family. I am very grateful to have grown up in a loving Christian home filled with joy and peace. My parents are still married and have been a great example to me in my marriage. I was reminded by your words and photos of how much I love my own family. Thanks!!

  3. Hey Girlie…it’s Julie!!!
    Quick Question!!!!
    Aunt Jane (AJ)…….did you say she lived in the south? Did she ever live here?????????????
    I am thinkin’ she looks just like “Jane Maddox”! Could it be?????????
    Please…let me know!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love all of your sharing….especially the family time! How precious!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Can’t wait to hear back!

  4. i love you.

    and chris’s picture is sweet but the fishing is an addition for him..
    i love sal-sal and gracie.
    and your dad’s cat doesnt hate me so it must just be you. HA.

    🙂 lovelove!

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