2006-12-11 14:28:27

I’m SOO sorry for the lack of blog posts! Things have been super busy,

we’ve had committments every single night and I’ve also been working like crazy editing many, many weddings, engagement sessions, family portraits and much more! Despite all of that, I do LOVE this time of year!! It’s my absolute favorite time of year! I always have this feeling, though, around this time that there just aren’t enough hours in the day! We have constant plans, dinners, events, etc…..so I always feel this stress like Christmas is approaching and still have tons of shopping to do still and dinner parties to coordinate, Christmas cards to send out,

more decorating to do, a house to clean, groceries to buy, wrapping to do, etc, etc! It’s fun, though…despite the stress….and I put Christmas music on while

I do it all and try to stay in a great holiday spirit! 🙂 So, last week we went out for a holiday evening, with my family! My sister is crazy thoughtful and always puts together these fun,

out of the ordinary surprises for our family during Christmas…but they are always really fun. So, this year, we had a great dinner, then went to Christmas at the Children’s Museum! We have all really been wanting to go and see the Chihuly(an incredible glass blower & sculptor) exhibit, there…and we did! It was SUCH fun!

It’s hilarious how everyone turns into a child at the Children’s Museum, regardless of their age!(hence the image above of my 26 year old husband) 🙂 It was a blast! Then, my Dad’s family came into town for our Christmas celebration…and we started the weekend with dinner at the Oceanaire, downtown! As I have told you, we have the BEST family and we all love being together soo much, so it was terrific!

Then, Mark and I made a strong attempt to do all of our Christmas shopping on Saturday, in one day(knowing that was a totally hopeless effort!)…and we did pretty good…moved as quickly as we could, kept good attitudes and picked up a few Starbucks’ along the way….. but come nowhere near being completely done, like we hoped!

Then, we finished Saturday off with a fantastic dinner with our great friends, Brandon & Cybil, of B&C Digital Media Videography. We get together on a regular basis and always have SUCH a blast!

We went downtown and had a fantastic dinner at PF Chang’s! We love it there! We also had fun hanging out on the circle and having Starbucks! It was a GREAT night and we just LOVE those two! (the videos are of us!).

On Sunday, we had family Christmases and enjoyed time with our family!

It was a great week and super fun weekend…full of many excellent meals and lots of our favorite people! We are headed out of town this week for dinner with friends, in town for dinners with family and have many more family Christmases coming this weekend and next weekend!! It’s just crazy….but it’s really a lot of fun! Hope you are all having a fun holiday season, so far and enjoying lots of time with all of your favorite people and eating lots of great food! 🙂 (OH…and please note, all images were taken on point and shoot camera….and this last picture is mark and I doing our lame tourist pose…and the two images above where we look mean is when we were doing our “i know what you did last summer” faces…just incase you were curious!)

This is everyone making fun of me, as usual…

These are our friends Brandon & Cybil…I stole Mark’s trick where he acts like he’s taking a picture(note that they kiss for a long time, waiting for the picture to be taken!), but he’s really videotaping! I’m a nerd! Oh…and at the end, I don’t normally scream at my husband like that, but I looked up and saw cars coming and the pedestrian sign flashing do not walk and my husband goes running across…so I screamed at him! Other people were doing it too, though…so then we joined in! Maybe I should have ended the video a lil sooner!) 😉

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  1. We had a blast with you guys Saturday night…..as usual! It’s amazing how quickly time flies when we’re together! Brandon is so excited that I ate Chinese food and actually liked it. 🙂 See you in a few weeks!

  2. I agree that at this time of year, there are never enough hours in the day. I’m having a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit this year but your post today put a smile on my face. Maybe if I just keep the Christmas music on it will help. Have a blessed holiday season and a very Merry Christmas! And amidst all the hustle & bustle of the weeks to come, remember the true reason for the season.

  3. Hey there-
    looks like you guys are having sooo much fun! You know our husbands would get along so well…..what a goof….

  4. Great Shot’s as usual. I see you were using your point & shoot. I’m alway’s amazed of the quality of these little camera’s. I recently bought a tiny Canon SD400 Powershot Digital Elph 5.0 mp. It’s a great carry around camera. I think I will sell my 5D and MK2. and just use this…………………just kidding!

    Have a Great Weekend!

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