2006-12-06 14:30:16

What a wonderful evening it was at Puck’s at the Indianapolis Museum of Art! It was an event hosted by none other than my favorite team of IMA ladies; Monica, Fran, Vanessa & Nicole!

They welcomed wedding professionals, couples and many others to join etiquette expert Peggy Post (Granddaughter of etiquette guru, Emily Post) for a seminar, book signing, cocktails & a fantastic dinner!

To add to the fun…all of my favorite people were there…(interestingly enough, many of the wedding vendors in this city are all great friends and I’m lucky enough to count many of them as my dear friends!)…Nate Edmunds Rowe &

Tiffany Stoner with Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, Angela Talley, Stacy & Mary,Scalini & Cynthia,

Theresa & Deanna with Eventfull Planning, Carrie Logie Sprague from the Omni, Monica Richard & Fran Zore from the IMA…and many, many others! It was such fun…we always have a fantastic time when we get together! (and get quite silly…as you will see in the images!!) I always think it would be such fun for a

wedding professional to get married and invite all of the other wedding professionals…mostly so that we can get together and have fun and because it would be one heck of an event! Anyway…we had a wonderful time and enjoyed a fantastic dinner!!

Thank you, Monica, Fran, Vanessa & Nicole, for a lovely evening that was great fun! 😉 (disclaimer…images were shot with my point and shoot, please do not judge my professional skills based on these images! thanks!)

4 responses to “evening.at.the.ima”

  1. So much fun we had…and I don’t think any of our conversation was considered with great etiquette. In any case, love the pics. Tiffany

  2. You gorgeous, gorgeous girl! It was such a blast hosting all of you at the museum – come see us anytime! I want to see photos when you have your Shake-Your-Face Party, it’s the BEST game ever!

    ~Fran xo

  3. Next time do not wear JEANS to an etiquette event. Shows such poor etiquette. Lucky you were not alone. Please include me on the memo in the future. It’s all I wear unless working or sleeping. Etiquette is such a tough word to spell for us spelling challenged. I will refrain from using it again in future letters.

    ps do photographers in Cal. get to wear shorts on the job?


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