2006-06-26 11:26:53

What a fun weekend in Chicago! We were there for my close friend, Tricia’s wedding…which I was in and shot (with several other friends)! Our friends…Robbie & Lauren, Nicole & Caton (& baby Chase), Mel & Gary…were all with us…and I LOVE it when we are all together! We laugh SOO much! It was crazy and SOO fun!! We went to Navy Pier on Sunday and had a blast…even though we were totally out of it b/c we were all SOO tired. I’ll do a post about the wedding as soon as I get everything downloaded. We got home super late last night and we were soo exhausted…and for now, I am trying ot plow through emails & voicemails…and will hopefully get to posting some wedding images later today! (I’m warning you…these are personal images, shot on my POINT & SHOOT…so please don’t judge my photographic skill based on these images…or my friends b/c they are lil crazy!!) 😉

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  1. LOVE THEM!!!!! oh my gosh…we were totally outta control the whole weekend!!! i miss you guys already!!! such a great time!!! 🙂

  2. Really cute photos Jess! You were great and so sweet. You truly have the ability to make someone feel comfortable! I enjoy checking out your blog… you are really talented! Take care and hope to see you again soon. ~Dawn

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