2006-06-18 15:05:42

MY DAD ROCKS! Everyone who knows him agrees. He’s the greatest guy EVER and I absolutely adore him. A few days ago, he came up to me and smiled really big…and I said, “What?” and he said…”Oh…I just think you are beautiful and you make me smile!” That’s just the kind of guy he is…spontaneous, fun, loving, sweet and just wonderful. It funny, though…because on other day’s, he’ll be like….”young lady, have you had your oil changed recently…ya know, you can’t just forget about that?” I just laugh though because he still thinks I’m 16 years old and clueless about cars and other stuff! 🙂 It’s kinda sweet, though…and I love that he cares….so I just say, “yes, Dad!” 🙂

He has this saying, “only on Tuesday’s”. Why, you ask???? We don’t really know! HA!!! When you ask him a question…like for example….”hey Dad…can I ask you ask you a question??”, he’ll just say….”yea, but only on Tuesday’s!” It’s soo funny! Even my friends starting adopting the “only on Tuesday’s” phrase in honor of Ray-dog, as they call him! 😉

He owns his own company so I learned alot of what I know…and mainly my work ethic directly from him. He is the hardest working man that I have ever met in my life. He instilled that in me…and I’m soo grateful for that. (most days!) 😉 He still has alot of fun with life, though…b/c I will call him, knowing he is very busy working and running his company…and 20 people want his attention…and I’ll ask him what he’s doing and he’ll say, “Oh, I’m playing polo with my buddies!” I just laugh. He’s totally not that kind of person, though…so it’s just funny! He’s not what alot of people expect…but I like that! He wears cowboy boots, has a beard & mustache…and drives nothing but Ford & Chevy…and John Deere! (as you can tell in the picture…which is him at my sister’s wedding…in his TUX on his John Deere Gator!!)

He has ALWAYS made time for his family and he has ALWAYS made it a priority to know how deeply we are loved and how noone is more important to him. He never leaves without saying he loves me and he always calls just to see how I am! He’s my hero! I LOVE YOU, DAD!!! 🙂 HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!

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  1. I think your dad is awesome. He’s a great guy! I betcha if he shot digital he’d shoot in RAW. Tell him happy father’s day!

  2. Just a guess, but the “only on tuesdays” comment…Tim actually says that alot too. He got it from the movie “The Terminal”. So maybe your dad got it from there too! I read that and nearly died laughing! Too FUNNY!

  3. happy dads day ray!!! it’d be funny if fathers day was on tuesday though…!!!

  4. Gary…that was HILARIOUS!! 😉

    Christine…you could totally be right..he’s been saying it for like 10 years though! How old is the movie?? I thought he just randomly made it up! HA! OH, BTW…your wedding is going up on Pictage tomorrow! YAY!! 🙂

    L…that was GREAT! It would be PERFECT if it were on Tuesday! 😉


  5. Hmmm…well the movie isn’t that old….so he must’ve randomly made it up…but the writers for this movie must’ve overheard him at some point….because its one of the funniest lines in the movie!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of my pictures!!!

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