2007-01-19 09:42:36

WOW, I’m a WHO’S THAT GIRL, GIRL!!!!!!(smiling very big!!!!) Sooo,during my regular blog check of the morning…I was a little stunned when I found MYSELF featured on one of my FAV blogs…the BLU BLOG!!! WOW….I’m SOOO honored! Blu Domain is the clear leader of photographic websites…and their blu blog is the cooooolest! It has soo much great info, neat tips, cool stuff and is soo fun!!! They feature photographers on a regular basis and now it’s my turn! YAAAAY!!!!Thanks to Brittney Embrey who nominated me for the “who’s your fav photog” contest….that was a huge honor! Then, the uber stylish Kailee from Blu contacted me and said she hears about me all the time (what???? she must have been being nice!!) and wanted to feature me!! I was SOO excited!! This world of photography is soo great…people are soo nice and embracing! I just love it! THANKS, BLU DOMAIN!!! You guys ROCK and I’m SUPER honored to be the featured “IT GIRL” of the day!!! 😉 (oh…and for the record, since I’ve already gotten a little slack about it…I am wearing clothes in that picture….it was in the summer…mark and I were testing out a new lens…. and I had on a tube top!)

to see the whole feature…..

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  1. OMG Jess!! That’s freaking awesome! Congrats! You are awesome and definitly deserve to be in the spotlight for once!!!


    🙂 Amanda

  2. THIS is so cool! I totally am bragging to my everyone…”Look, I know her!”
    ….by the way you look gorgeous!

  3. CONGRATS!!! YAY!!! that is so cooool!! you ROCK!!!it’s so great to see that all of your hard work is paying off, you deserve all the “kudos” that you’re getting!!! : )

  4. You go, girl!!!!!
    Finally — an “IT Girl” for the people! It made me so happy to see you there.

    (I am ADDICTED to that Blu Blog. Really. I think I need some sort of rehab because of that thing. 🙂 )

  5. Congrats Jess!! We’ve all known you were the “IT GIRL” for quite some time… but now it’s official! No one deserves the recognition more!!!

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