2007-01-18 01:25:46

Just when I am SURE that this child can not possibly get any cuter, he goes and does it! It’s amazing. And…just when I thought I had a full grasp on the concept of unconditional love, I realized that I was wrong about that too. It’s amazing how much such a tiny little being can teach a person….and it’s also really great. Our incredibly precious Nephew, Graham, turned two weeks old! We did the weekly shoot today and as always, he posed like a champ and was just uber lovable. He is, indeed, precious and soo loved.

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  1. OH MY GOSH! What a LUCKY duo! HIM for having a FABULOUS Aunt to take ONE MILLION FABULOUS photos of him and YOU for having the absolute CUTEST nephew in the WORLD! Great work as always Jessica!

    PS. What are we both doing up at 2 in the morning?! HA!

  2. Oh my goodness he is the most precious thing EVER!! I agree with Amy….we need to see some feet! 🙂

    He is absolutly adorable, and looks so soft and cuddly!

    I’m already ready for next week! 🙂

  3. hey jessica, i commented on your last post about the bludomain contest…………….

    we won! ok, not first place..or second. but we made the “top 5 runners up” which is totally awesome and really exciting for us for a few reasons. first of all it’s just fun to win and secondly we get an $800 website for $300!!!!

    you can view our picture (and your name!lol) here >

  4. I’ve been checking your blog often for fun since Gary Fong mentions you so much,and have never commented, but oh my, your little nephew is sooo sweet. I love the swirl of hair at the front of his head – he looks like an angel with his hands up around his face.

    All my best,

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