2008-04-14 09:24:37

I realized that it has been QUITE a while since I’ve done a Graham update! I’ve shot lots of images of him but just haven’t had the chance to post any! So, here is a snippet from our day yesterday! Graham is 15 months….I can hardly believe it!! He has a big boy hair cut now and is growing soo quickly! He is soo very sweet!!!

fun times yesterday:

Discovering his reflection in the lens! ha!

And then uncle Mark decided to take Graham outside and here is what I discovered:

And before the big boy haircut:

And a few weeks ago…..

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  1. JESSICA—He is getting SO big! I cannot believe it! Look at the color of those pictures, AMAZING!

    Beautiful images, my favorite is the 3rd picture of him resting his head on his blankee the back of the chair. TOO cute for words! It’s so nice to see an update on him!

    Now we are all going to fall in love with your soon-to-be neice!! I can’t WAIT!

    Glad to see your back, and can’t wait to see what you have come up with for the new blog!

  2. Wow, what a cutie pie. Lovin all the color. My favs in no particular order…3,5 and 8. Of course, you know
    I think they are all amazing.

  3. Am I not the luckiest person alive?! The pictures capture so much of Graham’s personality and this Nanny/Granny is crazy about him 🙂 Can’t wait for Jess and Mark because love multiplies–never divides!!!! I am so blessed to have the most wonderful daughter-in-love, insightful and kind:) Blessings, Mimi

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