2008-04-11 11:04:35

because a new BLOG is COMING SOON……and weddings are coming….and my niece is coming soon….and because it’s SPRING and who DOESN’T love the first taste of warm air, sunshine and having your windows open!! It can break the worst of moods, right!?! I’m strangely and unusually busy right now…normally at this time I’m feeling comfortably caught up and ready for weddings to come on full strength…but right now, it is QUITE the opposite…….I’m still very behind on work, I’m out of the office nearly every day, working through the nights, I’m behind on emails and voicemails, blogging, editing, albums, etc…. (what’s new), I’m planning a HUGE 30th bday party and baby shower for my sister, we are in the midst of a pretty major bathroom remodel and my house is a WRECK, my GINORMOUS tax bill just came and I think my heart fell into my TOES when I read it, a route canal is on the horizon for me….and that is JUST the stuff in my mind at this second…..SOOO…ALLLLLL those things would normally give me a LOAD of anxiety and stress……but this time, I feel EXCITED and for that, I’m grateful. Grateful to be busy, grateful to have people who love my work, grateful to be booking well in 2009, grateful to be traveling all over creation this year to be photographing portraits, weddings and more, grateful to have the MOST wonderful clients who know I am just a ONE GIRL SHOW but LOVE and UNDERSTAND me anyway …….grateful to have a new schmancy bathroom to bath in soon, grateful for family who supports me, my friends who understand my crazy life & schedule and stay my friend anyway(HARRRRK!), my dream of a husband and work that I am passionate about!!! And for the record, i’m mad that the Australian got booted off of Idol…and I’m still shocked that they sang a WORSHIP song on the show last night, but in a VERY good way because I feel like it’s EXACTLY what the world needs right now!!!! Thanks for listening…..back to work for me…. 🙂

Happy spring to you all!! 🙂

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  1. Jess, I’m right there with you on so much of that! Huge tax bill (which I expected, but still gave me knots in my stomach), busy~busy~busy, loving the Spring weather and upset that Michael Johns got booted from Idol. 🙂 I’ve missed your blog updates. I’m glad to see that you are home safe and sound!

  2. Props on a busy spring – same for us for a change & I love it! I’ll miss Michael Johns too, but can you imagine Mariah week without Syesha & Carly?

  3. Jess, TOTALLY echo your thoughts. I cannot believe that they sang Shout to the Lord last night! I was in total shock. That song is very overtly Christian. I mean, it’s inspirational week and all, but it’s pretty great that they sang a song to Jesus. How cool!

    And yeah I’m definitely going to miss the Australian hottie. 🙂

  4. I couldn’t believe they kicked Michael Johns off either! So very disappointing…he was so pretty. Almost as shocking as “Shout to the Lord” being the opening song, but I thought it was AMAZING and very well done Hope you have some down time to catch up!

  5. Soooooo cute! Yes, I’ve found that if you embrace and love all that you have to do – it’s actually fun and uplifting to do it! Cheers to EXCITING times ahead! Can’t wait to see the new blog! YAY.

  6. AMEN SISTER! What is up with Michael Johns getting the boot???? The 12 year olds voting just don’t get him I guess. I was gone and missed the last part of Idol Gives Back…Cybil told me that she cried when they sang Shout To The Lord. 🙂 AWWW…I love my wife! I watched the replay and it was pretty cool to see errr hear. I am TOTALLY waiting on “Christian Music Week” or better yet “Third Day” Week. Michael Johns could do a mean job on some of Third Day’s hits! He is a Mac Powell wannabe anyway! I can totally tell.
    Before I forget…es Cinco de Mayo a P.F Changos con el Stricklandos y el newos…put it on your calendar chica!

  7. OOOOh Jess…..I am so feeling your stress at the moment. We just remodeled 2 bathrooms to sell our house down here and it was a nightmare. Dust and crap everywhere, not to mention the dogs going crazy. In the end, the final product is worth the wait….like your pictures =0) Just drink a glass of wine and soak in the success. We want to see pic of the new niece! Maddie is sooooo big! Jodh is probably bigger at only 3 months. Hope to see you soon!

  8. Tax bill. Check
    Bathroom remodel. Check.
    Behind on work. Check.
    One woman office. Check.

    Ok. We’ve got a little too much in common right now. Next time L and I do coffee, join us!

  9. remember to take some time to BREATHE Jess!!

    I was shocked when Michael was the one kicked off too, I think it was the biggest upset in Idol history! That Carly chic’s just gotta go.

    Happy Spring and Wedding Season!! Best wishes to you!

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