2007-02-25 20:49:57

I just wanted to write and say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for making my birthday GREAT!!!! I got lots of AWESOME emails, ecards, blog posts & blog comments…with the warmest wishes!! I am truly blessed with the MOST amazing people in my life! It’s awesome!! THANK YOU ALL SOO MUCH!!! I enjoyed an awesome birthday lunch with our great friends, Brandon & Cybil (who got me a wonderful gift from Starbucks…again, soo thoughtful and PERFECT for me! THANKS GUYS!!!!) and then shared some hang time with Mark, had a visit to our little nephew Graham, enjoyed a few rounds of Starbucks and had a great birthday celebration with my family that night, complete with many wonderful gifts, a fantastic dinner and ice cream cake!

It was a fantastic birthday!! We went out for breakfast this morning with some great friends of ours, Lindsay & Will…and the birthday fun continued!

Lindsay is my best friend from high school and…we’ve been friends since I was like 10 years old and I just adore her more than I can say! Well, she surprised me with Tulips at breakfast and the tulips even had TREATS tucked into them…a Starbucks giftcard, a Panera giftcard…and she made me my FAV cookies that she makes! She said it was a “favorite things” bday gift…she knows how I love Starbucks & Panera….and tulips and these cookies she makes!! She’s the BEST…sooo thoughtful!!!!!

We are awaiting the arrival on another pair of great friends of ours, Robbie & Lauren…and they are staying for the next few days and joining us for the big OSP Seminar that I’m taking part in and speaking at, this week!! (wish me luck…I’m a little nervous!! Hope I don’t talk too much! HA!!!) Tonight is OSCAR night and I cannot WAIT…we’re having a fire because it’s chilly here…making Pizza and many snacks….lounging on the couch and having OSCAR NIGHT!!! It’s been a GREAT weekend!! Thanks again….you are all THE BEST!!!! 🙂

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic birthday! I’m happy that everyone made you feel so special because you ARE!! You are gonna knock ’em dead at the seminar I’m sure of it. Don’t be nervous, just be yourself and you’ll do fine.

  2. I love tulips! Jess you are speaking? WhatEVER are you going to WEAR?

    Thank you thank you no thank you! Happy birthday you stoop!

  3. You are so beautiful and you deserve every single thing that you get!

    Also—I’m so lucky to be getting such an awesome Sister-in-law (Lindsay). I couldn’t ask for a better sister!!!! 🙂

    See you soon & Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


  4. I loved Gary’s comment about WhatEVER are you going to wear. I can hear Gary saying that. You are our fashion drama queen. I’m sure you’ll look stunning:) Always do! Love you.

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