2007-03-01 17:55:16

Wow….I had the great privledge of being a speaker at OSP Indy, this past week! It’s been a super fun week with many awesome moments, the MOST incredible people and a LOAD of fun!!! We started out with a fun shoot on Monday! It was a cool, freeform shoot that was led my myself and Amber Holritz! I featured several of my images from that shoot, below! We finished the day of with a wonderful meal at PF Changs! Then, on Tuesday, we started our seminars! I spoke about the shoot on Monday, natural light and my shooting techniques in natural light, then spoke on my post processing techniques, then the secrets of my success and finally, on album design (oh, that was on Wednesday). We finished out the day on Tuesday with a little duck pin bowling madness! (featured below in videos) It was crazy & super fun. Wednesday was our final day and it was all about albums…layouts, design, programs used, companies used, etc! It was a GREAT time and I SOO appreciate everyone coming to hear all of us speak, providing such awesome & encouraging feedback and continuing with the GREAT emails today! You guys are ALL awesome and it was SOO nice to meet everyone!!! I had a BLAST and cannot wait until NEXT YEAR!!!! 😉

Here are a few shots from the shootout while Amber was working her baby magic…..

A few crazy snapshots:

And a few crazy videos: (Melody…I’m soo sorry but I just could NOT help but show that hilarious video of you bowling!!)

And finally….a few of my shots from our Shootout, demonstrating the different types of natural light and how I use it:

Zander(mr. CUTE!!!): (thanks to Brandy Brown for letting us use her ADORABLE baby boy!!!)

Lauren: (my uber wonderful friend who i ADORE!!!)

On Wednesday, while our friends Robbie & Lauren were still in town…after all the OSP festivites ended, we went over to check out the new jet that Mark flies. Our great friends, Brandon & Cybil joined us and were kind enough to shoot the event, so that Mark could have it on video! It’s SOO fun! You have to see it…..

Here are MORE shots of my super duper amazing husband and his uber cool jet….

So, now you see what it was a crazy, but GREAT week! 😉

(i think i just made a record for longest blog post ever!)

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  1. Jessica, you’re the best! You truly are so amazing. And ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THOSE SHOTS OF ZANDER?! ADORABLE!!! HELLOOOOO HOT LAUREN! MY GOSH she’s GORGEOUS! And how could we forgot that STUD MUFFIN MARK?! Do you know anyone who’s not perfect? Because you take perfect photos of everyone! Please put me on your list of people to shoot… because I’ll know when and IF I make that list… that I’ve been inducted into the HOT HALL OF FAME! Thanks for being so giving and open the past few days… you are such an inspiration to all of us.



    PS. There’s a shot of some red head with a RIDICULOUSLY HUGE smile taken with the point and shoot… whoever it is, I’d like to meet her… she looks like fun 😀

  2. That was so fun watching all of those videos and seeing all those wonderful pictures.

    Oh and BTW—–I ♥ those pictures of mark with the plane. Very awesome shots! Sounds like you had a SUPER fun week! 🙂

    You are amazing and you just keep getting better!!! YOU are my inspiration!!

  3. Blowing me away as usual with your amazing talent! I saw the videos already on B&C’s blog and knew that the shots I saw you taking of Mark were going to be fantastic. Boy oh boy was I right! Those shots are so awesome and I bet he is just so excited to have them. The second to last is my fave! The baby shots are sooo cute too and the pics of Robin are just beautiful. Especially the ones on the couch and next to the window. Great post!! I always enjoy tho little glimpes into your world that you share with videos. Don’t let Gary give you a hard time about being Miss “I’m on video”. We love it!!

  4. We had a super time at OSP too! You did a spectacular job. I enjoyed meeting so many people in the biz, especially catching up with Lauren and Robbie again. See ya’ next week.

  5. i’m gonna mark that down as one of the best few days ever!!! osp indy was a BLAST & i’m so glad we were able to be a part of it!! the hotel strickland ROCKS as well!!! you did an AWESOME job speaking too…how do you get those colors?! brandon & cybil are great, love them! i can see why you guys love them so much! it was so much fun getting to see mark get super excited about the jet! good times, laughing so hard that made us cry, and great friends…could it have been a better time?!!? love you!! see you guys in a few weeks!! 🙂

  6. Wow!!! That video is hilarious. It’s amazing how clueless I can be at times. 🙂 I should have known that would show up somewhere!!! I love it! OSP rocked and I had so much fun connecting with local photographers. It was so wonderful meeting you and I can’t wait to implement the awesome information. Thank you so much for your giving spirit….it is truly appreciated. I look forward to our paths crossing in the near future. Blessings to you and Mark!

  7. Jess – I’m so glad you were a part of the organizing and presentation team!! You’re a total all-star and you gave lots of great information. That video of Mark is friggin’ awesome!!! What a ROCK STAR! 😉

  8. oh .. my .. gosh. i made it on jessica’s famous blog. 🙂 ha! you are so fun. i love mark’s videos. he is so funny .. especially when brandon is around. you’re probably glad you missed out on some of the convos they were having during OSP! haha! anywho .. you did a great job presenting! i learned so much!


    To steal a line from S. Mark….”YEAH…THAT’S WHAT IT IS!”


    Robbie & Lauren…you two are the BOMB! Can’t wait for GAME NIGHT!

  10. Jessica,
    It was great to see you again. I hope we get to hang out in vegas. Very cool about hubby and flying jets (little jelous).
    Shaun Austin

  11. looks like you all had a great time! sorry i couldn’t be there to help out this time. but wow, if i’d have known little people were invited i could have brought little lucia!

  12. hey jessica!

    what an AWESOME blog entry…and how fun! I love all the pics, as well as the videos–so neat!!! I would absolutley love to hear you speak! Are you planning on having another seminar or conference anytime soon? Also, would you mind sharing a few of your post-processing tips with a fellow photographer ? I absolutely LOVE the color saturation that you have in your photographs and although I can get mine to a certain level… you seem to be able to push yours even further without it looking over-processed at all. just awesome! I completely understand if you can’t, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask!!! 😉

    hope this finds you having a great friday!

    ps. you & your hubby are so frickin cute!!! 🙂

  13. hey jess – very cool. i’ve always wondered what your favorite equipment is – cameras & lenses & all that other fun stuff.

  14. Jessica,
    This is my first visit here. I’ve heard your name quite a few times and finally found your blog! What a mazing work. Looks like you guys had such a blast with the natural light session. The second video of your husband is just hilarious! The “Top Gun” songs just top it off! Too funny.

  15. Why can I not take pictures of Mark seriously? Ha, YOU ARE AMAZING JESS. I love all your photos, and all your posts. And my mom and I have yet to even hold Graham, hopefully soon! Take care!


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