2007-01-15 10:29:23

What a crazy, fun weekend!! We were literally gone the whole weekend…our cats are mad at us! It was super fun, though! We started by having dinner with all of our wonderful photographer friends on Friday night! We had a blast, as we always do with them! We also discovered a great new restaurant in Zionsville! It’s actually owned by my client’s mother!! (Holla, Liz!) It’s called Plums Upper Room and it’s the coolest place! They have exposed brick walls, leather furniture, exposed timber beams, cool artwork…’s a GEM of a restaurant and you REALLYy should try it! (It’s on Main Street…aka….the brick street, just above the Thomas Kincaid Gallery!) Then, on Saturday, Mark and I went back to my old college stompin grounds, Dayton, OH….to meet up with our wonderful, dear friends, Robbie & Lauren! You might remember them from their oh-so-gorgeous wedding back in September!!

They are soo special to us and we had a great dinner at PF Chang’s and officially shut down the Panera. We could seriously talk for days when we get together! It’s dangerous! They are both amazing photographers and have started a great business in Ohio, Open Field Photography. LOVE YOU r & l! Then, Sunday continued the fun by celebrating Mark’s Dad’s Bday in the afternoon, then having another celebratory dinner with Jenny & Chris, my sis & bro in law! I’ll have to wait a tiny bit to tell you why it was celebratory…and no, I’m not pregnant! 😉 GRRRREAT weekend!! 🙂 Then, tonight…we’re meeting up with our other great friends, Brandon & Cybil…at our usual…Abuleo’s! 🙂 Gosh, we sure are eating out alot…and it’s GREAT! 🙂

(plllllease disregard how bad these images are, yellow and dark….and all…..the new point and shoot has become quite the crappy camera!)

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  1. we had a BLAST!!! seriously though, how does the time go so fast when we get together?!?! and why is it that my head looks SO BIG? do i have a big head?!! thanks for the good times, can’t wait to see you guys again soon!! love you both! 🙂

  2. How awesome is Plum’s Upper Room!! When we were pulling up flooring and carpet and tearing down walls we were’nt so sure…but it turned out awesome! The food is amazing and the ambiance is unbeatable. I am sooo pround of my mom!

  3. you have to tell me the good news…Im family!! 🙂 Miss you guys like crazy and can’t wait to come visit at some point.

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