2007-01-11 15:27:07

If you try to tell me you have seen a baby cuter than this, I will not believe you. This is our angel of a nephew and the newest member of our family, Graham, at 1 week old. I am telling you, Mark and I are putty in this kids hands, however small they might be! We are soo in love with him…I cannot even tell you! I totally see what they mean when they say that children change everything because this little guy has changed our lives and he isn’t even ours!! I mean, look at that face….isn’t it the most yummy thing EVER!!! He was sleeping last night and I couldn’t even contain myself because he was SOO gosh darn cute! Poor Hannah & Ben…our sister and brother…they are regretting moving into our neighborhood because we are over there every night to see the little man himself! We also adore Hannah and Ben…but right now, Graham is cooler! HA! Sorry H&B!! I will be writing with many, many, many updates on this little one…because he is sure to break records with photographs taken by his obsessed Aunt Jess! πŸ˜‰ Isn’t he the YUMMIEST little thing that you have ever seen!!??

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  1. I do believe you can see my breast in one of those! πŸ˜‰ Ha ha. They look great! And of course, he is the cutest baby ever. πŸ™‚

  2. definitely a cutie! though not as cute as my niece!! well, maybe we could say that he’s the cutest boy and reagan is the cutest girl. πŸ™‚ ha! i’m a nerd.

    hope you weren’t late yesterday! i’m so glad you finally got to meet my wonderful dan! πŸ™‚ he thinks you are great, but who doesn’t!?

  3. wow… this is so weird because I forgot you have no babies in your close family jess. I mean you had Jordan and …. what was the blonde curley hair little girl… forget… she was cute!… but you haven’t had a baby around … close to your family (same town too) in … well ever?!?!?! right?

    anyway it’s so weird to hear you talk like this about a child because I haven’t ever heard you like this. I talk like this all the time about Josie and have always talked about my other nieces and nephew because it’s almost like the next best thing… next to your own children. I care for Josie like she is my own and I know when I have my own the love will be different, but right now it’s all i know and it’s REALLY STRONG. I would care for her as my own if anything ever happened to Jen and Josh. I just LOVE HER!

    I like this new look on you Jess… the Aunt Jess. Very cute! and you are just like me. When Josie was born I am so shocked that Josh didn’t want to KILL us! I was at the house EVERY DAY for like 6 months. That child didn’t have an empty house for so long. My mom did the same thing.. she went over every day. Even if we just sat and looked at Josie… it was enough to fill the need to see her.

    cute! congrats to you both. Uncle Mark and Aunt Jess!

  4. OK, OK, I give up! Uncle! I’ve tried all year to resist becoming addicted to this blog. Scrolled through your images quickly. Avoided posting comments – waaay too cool for that. Even took a few weeks “off” for the holidays. Then suddenly, while being a little misty after going through some old newborn photos of our twins, you HOOK me with these diabolically cute images! And now I’ve just spent the past hour digesting every word from the past month about how perfect Mark is, how awesome your new lens is, how great Brandon and Cybil are, how cute Graham is…AND I WANT MORE!!! AAAAGH!!! HELP!!!

  5. Now I really wish I have the 5D and the 50mm 1.2! sigh. Your photos of people are unbelievable.

  6. Hi Jess!
    It looks like your fan base is growing each day. Are any of you Friends fans? This blog reminds me of one of the Christmas episodes when Monica bakes cookies for everyone in their apartment building and they keep coming back to her apt demanding more so she ends up spending 24-7 baking cookies for the unruly neighbors b/c they are practically breaking down her door. This is how I feel about your blog…I WANT MORE!!!

    How LUCKY for Ben and Hannah to have you in their life to capture these moments with Graham. He is sooo cute.

  7. When my nephew was born it was great! When I had my son 9 months ago my definition of LOVE changed. I melt when I look at him. I could never explain the love for your child to you! You and Mark will have to experience it for yourself. Soon I hope!!!

  8. jess, great job and he is the cutest!
    i know for sure that he’ll pass little lucia’s inspection…..she’s an older woman at 6 months!
    seriously, he is just precious!
    great job jess.

  9. He’s adorable guys! Definitely has the Strickland nose, and squinty eyes πŸ™‚ So happy for them! Can’t wait to meet the little tyke!

  10. The second pic is my favorite. This baby is super precious. Aamzing pictures…I love the black and white.

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