2006-11-20 10:32:43

😉 So, I forgot how much I enjoyed living like a normal person and having a weekend off! I haven’t had one in a long while so I sort of forgot how much fun they are…and why people like them soo much! HA! It was seriously such a fantastic weekend…I feel soo rejunenated and happy! I actually got to spend the entire weekend with Mark and that alone made it awesome!! The weekend started off with a super fun surprise 30th birthday party for a friend of ours! We were in on the surprise and he was well…a little shocked! He got over it, though and we had a blast!

Then, on Saturday, we did what we do to celebrate….which is go to Bob Evans for breakfast and sit at the bar…and stay for a long time enjoying our breakfast & coffee and just chill! It was great! We followed that up with some shopping (something I’m pretty good at) and then just took a casual drive, looking at homes that we can’t afford. Ha! It’s fun…but after a while, it’s annoying! I mean, really…how many people can afford 1.5 million dollar homes? There are soo many around here….where on earth are all these people coming from that can afford these? Richville??

Anyway….we got Starbucks and just sort of wasted some time…which I usually am very much against doing….but on Saturday…it felt great!! We ended our day by having a great sushi dinner with a huge group of friends! Super fun! On Sunday, we just enjoyed our day and relaxed! We got to a fantastic Church (it’s where we met, as funny and completely non normal as that sounds!)

so we love starting our Sunday that way! Then, we had a super fun lunch and took advantage of free shake day at Steak & Shake with Mark’s sister & herhusband…(as did the rest of Indianapolis, fully decked out in Colts blue!!!) We then ran a few erronds and came home to relax and watch the game.(and work a little….I can’t go a full day without some work, I got three hours in on Saturday in the wee hours before Mark woke up…and got two hours in Sunday morning! Yes, I’m sick…and I know it!)

All and all…it was just a really wonderful, good for the soul kind of weekend and I really loved it soo much! We are really looking forward to this week & weekend…we both love the holidays SOO much and love starting out the season with Thanksgiving! We have many yummy meals planned, the downtown tree lighting to go to, a great wedding this coming weekend and then we get to put our tree up and decorate our house! Sooo fun! Then, the following week is a super special week for Mark and I and we’re really reeally looking forward to it….it’s our anniversary week!!!!

I have a small surprise planned for him during the week, then we have our actual anniversary…and then, Mark is taking me away for a suprise weekend that I know nothing about…and am on the EDGE of my seat waiting to find out about!! It’s going to be soo great (and you know I’ll follow it all up with pictures on the blog)!! I absolutely cannot wait! This weekend was the perfect way to start a really awesome couple of weeks! Thanks for listening…hope you had a fantastic weekend too! 😉

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  1. We definitly had a blast on Friday at Will’s party! Great Pics by the way. 🙂 Hope to see you again soon.

    ~*~*Happy Thanksgiving to you & Mark!~*~*

  2. What a fun weekend! Thanks for sharing the pics. I’m so excited for you and your surprise anniversary trip. I’m sure it’s going to be fabulous. It seems like he is really putting a lot of thought and effort into making it super special for you. 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to hear what Mark does for your anniversary!! We just had our one year anniversary on Monday. Brad came home with a shopping bag full of food and made a “fancy” dinner for us, and also brought me flowers!! Since the first anniversary is “paper” I bought him an Oragami kit!! (lame I know, but it’s the thought that counts, RIGHT???) We’re planning to spend a few nights at a cute B&B in a small town south of the Twin Cities to celebrate! But have to wait until after the Holiday Rush for things to settle down first!!

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