2006-11-16 01:00:18

Monica…I hope you don’t kill me for doing this!! 😉 This is the lovely and uber talented Monica Richard, who I completely adore and is also the BEST facility coordinator in the CITY! She is the wedding & event coordinator for Wolfgang Puck Catering at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, where MOST of my photographs are taken(second to the ever popular canal & circle…as I’m sure you can tell) and my alltime FAVORITE location for weddings, in the city!! She is also a dear friend of mine and an extraordinary person! We can talk for hours when we’re together…it’s dangerous!! This shoot was pretty funny….she needed a quick headshot and I told her that we’d make it work (i’ve been telling her to get a headshot for months now)…so, we scheduled this shoot the morning of and shot the entire thing in less than 5 minutes! Just might be a record for me! 😉 We were cracking up…I probably shot 75 images in 5 minutes! I have a slight over shooting problem! We had to though because we were both between meetings and had to make it happen really quickly! Anyway, Monica is truly incredible and if you are lucky enough to have your wedding at the IMA, you will be working with her (and Fran…the many other fantastic people at the IMA!) and you will NOT be dissappointed..that I can assure you! 🙂

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