2007-04-26 01:26:29

Today is MY BEST FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEL!!! 🙂 It’s birthday season right now…all of my friends, family and even my husband are having birthdays!! I just adore my best friend, Mel! She is such an awesome person….I’m almost at a loss for words to describe her…because while she’s a very simple person, she’s also really complex!! She is one of the most laid back people I know and at the same time, she’s very attentive and thoughtful. She would give you the last dime she had to her name or shirt off her back…. if she knew you needed it! She also has this amazing memory and tells the best stories because not only can she remember things that happened 5 years ago, but she’ll remember where we were, what we were wearing, if there was food and what it was, where we were before that and where we were headed to after we left! It’s amazing.

I call her my memory because if I don’t remember something, I just call Mel and I’ll get the fullllll rundown from her!! She cares for people in this very quiet way, yet it’s the deepest care with the most genuine sincerity. She doesn’t change, regardless of her situation or circumstance in life, whether positive or negative and I love that about her. She’s a beautiful person, who is incredibly genuine and wonderful…and I LOVE HER!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELISSA LEE!!!!!! I wish I could be with you today!! 🙁 (oh, here is where she is celebrating her bday! NOT TOO SHABBY, aeh! She deserves it, though!!)

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  1. In about 3 years I’m going to ask Melissa where we first met just to test. 🙂 (the secret answer will be: at Napoleans for the OSParty that was basically over by the time DJ & those guys arrived)

    Happy Birthday Melissa!!!!

  2. HIP HIP HIP HAPPIDY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU! It was FANTASTIC meeting you in Vegas 🙂 Hope to see you again soon 😀

    ~Birthday singing girl, Bobbi

  3. Aren’t sisters and best friends the best!! I too have a birthday “season”. Almost everyone I adore in life was born in March, including me!!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday Missy! I love you and hope that you had a wonderful birthday. Sorry it is a day late. Hope you are enjoying Miami and that posh resort you and Gary at staying at!
    Love Ya,

  5. Jess, that was such a great tribute to Mel… I love the friendship you share. It’s amazing to me that you both share the same passion for photography too! It was great reading how much you love her. The more I get to know Missy, the more I truly love who she is! Hope you’re enjoying the weekend… finally some great weather! ~ Dawn

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