2007-04-30 09:11:54

i am EXHAUSTED!! I started out the wedding season with TWO weddings, back to back, in SEPERATE cities!! While it’s not a huge deal to have two weddings back to back, it is when you are a little teeensy wheeeensy bit out of shape when it comes to the physical aspect of shooting a wedding! Low and behold, I’ve never actually realized that I squat down about 350 times during a wedding!! Well, guess what….when I woke up for Sunday’s wedding, I REALIZED it because my quads were the MOST sore that they have been!! I thought I was going to have to be carried all day! ha!!! So, the extra 350 squats on Sunday’s wedding were GREAT FUN!! ha!!

Anyway…I’m rambling….blame it on the exhaustion! THE POINT of this post is to tell you that I had the MOST FABULOUS WEDDINGS this weekend!! I mean really….WHAT A WAY to start the season off!! AMAZING!!! STUNNING people, gorgeous weather….and just the MOST wonderful weddings!!! I could NOT have been better!! SOOOO….stay TUNED because let me tell you….I have SOOOO MANY amazing images from both weddings that I could easily do a 500 image post! NO JOKE!!! SO STAY TUNED!!!

Happy Monday to you all!!! 🙂

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  1. I can wait. Looking forward to it!
    Thanks for being so uplifting.

    We got the Monday blues……….. Had a Lacie external harddrive crash (New in Nov. 06) It won’t spin up. Called tech support, tried several things, still doesn’t work. So off to the Mac store to see if they have any ideas. Got files backup, but what a hassle!!!!!
    What are most photogs doing these day’s for storing the HUGE number of images we all take at weddings and portraits??
    I keep hearing about these Raid systems that I guess mirror the images to 2
    different harddrives?? Are we talking tens of thousands of $$$$$ ????

    I would appreciate any advice.
    Thank you!

  2. that is a LOT Of Quads!

    Hope you are (slowly) recovering..can’t wait to see a sneek peek at some of these awesome weddings you did!!! 🙂

  3. Bummer, Scott!! Sorry to hear about that! Wish I had a perfect answer for you, but 2 of my 8 Seagate backups have crashed too! I successfully pulled stuff off of them after a major recovery process….it was a huge pain! All was backed up, but it’s still very frustrating!

  4. Jess… sorry about your legs. I’ve been extremely sore lately too! Trying to get some landscaping finished. Hopefully I’ll be in shape by mid May for my start of Wedding season. Love you bunches! Have Mark give you a massage:)

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